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TCU vs. UVa: Nowhere to go but up

This article accompanies "High-octane attack" by Travis Brown, TCU 'Daily Skiff' Sports editor.

No one in his or her right mind would predict that the Cavaliers beat the Horned Frogs tomorrow. After that humiliating defeat to William & Mary, it seems Virginia's offense consists of an incoherent hodgepodge being passed off as a spread formation. The quarterback carousel spins right round, baby, right round. The team has no identity - no discernible plan.

The defense, on the other hand, is composed of a secondary that can't remember that its job is to cover receivers. Defensive ends get knocked over by flabby linemen, and a bunch of linebackers scratch their head in confusion.

You'd have to be nuts to pick Virginia against No. 16 TCU. I, however, am one step beyond insane. I'm optimistic.

First, the loss to Football Championship Subdivision team William & Mary was not quite as bad as it seemed. Virginia would have crushed the Tribe if it weren't for its seven turnovers. William & Mary scored 19 points off turnovers. Nineteen!

There's no way the Cavaliers will lose the ball seven times again. Something like that doesn't happen twice in a row. It doesn't even happen twice in a decade.

Virginia is at rock bottom. Humiliated and ready to prove that they're not failures, the Cavaliers have nowhere to go but up whereas the Horned Frogs have nowhere to go but down. This is when upsets happen. Think Stanford toppling USC in October 2007. No matter how badly the odds are against the Cavaliers, they could still pull out a victory.

You get a long run by senior tailback Mikell Simpson in there, a 40-yard scramble by senior quarterback Vic Hall, a deep bomb from senior quarterback Jameel Sewell to sophomore receiver Jared Green and you have a game.

Any team can win this Saturday, but I have a gut feeling TCU will be the thunderstruck team this week the same way Virginia was last week.

This week, the key Cavalier number won't be seven, as in turnovers, or 23, as in the number of years since a loss to a lower-division team. It will be one


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