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Peloton Station: Bike shop meets gourmet sandwiches

Restaurant provides artisanal sandwiches, appetizers and beer for bike lovers all over town

<p>Peloton Station is a self described “cycle centric tavern and bike kitchen” located on 10th Street.</p>

Peloton Station is a self described “cycle centric tavern and bike kitchen” located on 10th Street.

When it comes to restaurants in Charlottesville, I have no doubt that Peloton Station is the first of its kind. Peloton Station is a self described “cycle centric tavern and bike kitchen" on 10th Street. If you are just generally confused about what a biking restaurant looks like in practice, don’t worry — you are not alone. This week, I headed over to find out what it was all about. 

The location is actually more convenient than I had realized. Because it is a basically on the end of Wertland, it’s a quick walk from anywhere near 14th Street and even closer to apartments like The Flats and Lark on Main. It is probably not the ideal place to grab a quick sandwich between classes, but its proximity to off-Grounds housing makes Peloton the perfect dinner spot. There is also ample parking, which is very rare for anything near Main Street or the Corner. 

The restaurant itself is very spacious and comfortable, with lots and lots of natural light. The restaurant has plenty of indoor seating and a large bar, so I imagine it would be rare to have to wait for a table. I sat outside on the patio, and there were plenty of tables. However, they didn’t have very many umbrellas up which could have been a little unpleasant if it had been a super sunny day. There was also a disturbing number of flies on the patio — I’m not sure Peloton could do anything about this, but it was noticeable enough that I feel like it’s worth mentioning. 

Although the restaurant is also a bar and seems to pride itself on their vast beer list, it is definitely a family-friendly environment. The number of cute kids and attractive 30-something couples I saw there definitely affirmed this. If you are looking for a casual, laid back place to take your parents for lunch, Peloton Station would be the spot. Also, after eavesdropping on the table next to us, I concluded that there were at least a few genuine bikers eating there.

Unfortunately, the service at Peloton Station did leave a little to be desired. The host forgot to tell us to seat ourselves and we waited a long time for our silverware, napkins and our food and also waited a long time for silverware and napkins. However, everyone we talked to was very friendly — but also a little bit awkward — and I truly think a lot of the issues we experienced can be chalked up to the restaurant having opened so recently. Those few little hiccups can definitely be smoothed out over time and didn’t really make eating there unpleasant at all. 

The food itself is excellent, and much more unique than I expected. The menu consists of a few appetizers, salads and a long list of sandwiches. The appetizers are mostly standard bar food with a fancier twist — nachos, fried pickles and roasted shishito peppers. The salads all have a lot going on. The Walnut Creek with kale, squash and cocoa nibs was especially intriguing. 

I found lots of sandwiches to be very tempting, especially the Preddy Creek with BBQ salmon and the Fo-Boy with batter-fried mushrooms and a chilly honey glaze. However, I ended up going with our server’s suggestion which was the Rivanna Trail. The sandwich had green pea kofta with minted cucumber radish salad, green harissa, feta labneh and pickled carrot on a baguette. The kofta was very similar to falafel  and was fried on the outside while moist on the inside. I also really enjoyed the feta and cucumber radish, as they were super refreshing and perfect for a hot day. 

My one complaint about this sandwich is that it was very soggy — to the point where I didn’t even want to eat the bread on the second half. This was definitely because the salad and pickled carrots were watery. If texture isn’t a priority for you, then this won’t be an issue, and I still really enjoyed the sandwich. 

Everyone’s bill came out to about $10 to 12 before tip, which makes it on the pricier end compared to other places on the Corner, but the “grown-up” atmosphere justifies this entirely. Peloton Station is also on Elevate, the Corner meal plan, if you do take out, which makes it a huge steal.

Since I’m not an avid biker, unfortunately, I cannot completely speak to the “cycle centric” elements of Peloton Station. But I can say that the atmosphere is enjoyable and the food is tasty. Try to make you way to Peloton Station soon so you can sit out on the patio, and maybe even bring your bike and biker friends!

Marlena Becker is a Food Columnist for The Cavalier Daily. She can be reached at