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Top 10 last-minute Halloween costumes

Halloween sneaks up on us all but that doesn’t mean your costume has to be bad

<p>Dress up as a VSCO girl by wearing shorts, an oversized t-shirt and scrunchies around your wrist.</p>

Dress up as a VSCO girl by wearing shorts, an oversized t-shirt and scrunchies around your wrist.

1. Characters from “The Office”

“The Office” is an iconic show that many students hold dear. Since every character wears normal professional clothes, their looks are easy to recreate. Throw on some of your best interview outfits that match the style of your favorite character and grab a prop that matches them. A pink cardigan, curly hair and teapot makes a perfect Pam Beesly. You can even recreate some of Jim’s lazy costumes such as writing “book” on your face to become Facebook.

2. Wednesday Addams

Every cynical student can relate to Wednesday Addams’ dark personality and general apathy towards life. All you need is a black dress and your hair in two side braids. You can also make it more realistic by refusing to smile, which is easy when you think about all the exams you have after Halloweekend. 

3. Eleven from Stranger Things 

Season three of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” makes dressing up as Eleven extremely easy. All you need is a black patterned shirt, jeans and some Converse. If you’re feeling ambitious, add some fake blood under your nose to simulate her iconic bloody nose. Finally, jam out to Madonna’s “Material Girl” to get in the spirit, and you’ll be ready to slay the Mind Flayer and your Instagram feed. 

4. A frat boy

This age-old stereotype is perfect for those who want to have a memorable costume while only using what is already in your closet. Khaki pants, a button-up shirt and baseball cap will make you look like the best-looking pledge on Grounds. It also helps to bring out your grandma’s old heirloom rings, and tie this look together with sunglasses and boat shoes. 

5. The VSCO girl

The stereotypical VSCO girl has become infamous online, sparking many parodies. Start off by wearing shorts, an oversized t-shirt and scrunchies around your wrist. You can supplement this by borrowing your friend’s Hydroflask and throwing on some sandals. Bonus points if you throw in an “and I oop” or “sksksksks.” 

6. Bob Ross 

We’ve all been there — you’re stressing about a test so you watch one of Bob Ross’s iconic painting videos. We all hope to be as mellow and happy as this artist, but we can still honor him with a wholesome representation. Thankfully, all you need is a blue button-down shirt, a paintbrush and a piece of plastic or cardboard to serve as your palette. You can even make it a couple’s costume by having your partner dress up as a “happy little tree” or a painting you’re working on. 

7. Your major’s stereotype

As an English major who owns too many cardigans and poetry books, this idea gets me pretty excited. Whether it be a studious engineering student or a sharp-looking business major, you can become your major’s stereotype without having to worry about being judged. Coordinate your outfits with fellow students to create the perfect ensemble costume. 

8. A stressed-out student

This one is the easiest — especially if you’ve procrastinated as much as I have. Just wear your normal clothes, throw your hair in a messy bun or fluff it up and carry around all of the assignments and readings that you are currently pushing off. And who needs makeup to create dark and baggy eyes when they’re already au naturel? You can show off how hard you’ve been working with this great ensemble. 

9. A Lime scooter 

Lime scooters have become an integral part of every student’s life. You can pay homage to these amazing devices with just a few items. Take a piece of paper and write “Lime” on it, stick it on a green shirt and give piggyback rides to all of your friends. You can also get an amazing photo for Instagram by posing next to a bunch of actual scooters. 

10. A Sim

The Sims is an amazing game that many students have grown to love. Who doesn’t want to be able to have any job they choose, have no student loans and be able to build an incredible house? You can dress up as a character from this game in just one step. Print out the green Plumbob — the diamond above their heads — and attach it to a headband. You don’t even have to change your clothes! If you are feeling really ambitious, you can practice the game’s own language — Simlish. You’ll be sure to wow your friends with this simple yet impressive costume.