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On Repeat: Bops to dance the night away

Four upbeat and energetic songs that give new meaning to being a party girl

Everyone knows the music selection can make or break a good party — having the perfect song choices can ensure the party goes all night, whether that be hanging out at a friend’s apartment or dancing at Trin. To embrace the rush that comes with partying with good friends, strangers and everyone in between, look no further than these four songs.

“Life Could Be Sweet” by Ayla D’lyla and Miss Madeline

“Life Could Be Sweet” is a sexy, sugar-coated pop song by up-and-coming, New York-based artists Ayla D’lyla and Miss Madeline. The song conjures images of an ethereal Y2K fantasy in which both women live a lavish lifestyle complete with drugs and men — “candy coloured skies / super hot guys / and we could get high all day.” 

This track seems like something Regina George from “Mean Girls” would listen to if she were at the club with its references to skimpy bathing suits, drinking martinis and pretty girls. Helping to provide an escape from reality, “Life Could Be Sweet” assures its listener that nothing is better than embracing all of the excess of life.

“Swamp B—s” by Doechii and Rico Nasty

Earlier this year, rising R&B singer and rapper Doechii started to receive attention from veterans in the music industry thanks to the strength of singles “Persuasive” and “Crazy.” In fact, she received so much attention that Kendrick Lamar decided to sign her to his record label Top Dawg Entertainment, a huge endorsement from one of music’s biggest stars. 

After Doechii released “she / her / black b—h” in August — her first EP as a newly-signed artist — “Swamp B—s” immediately stood out as one of its strongest tracks. Featuring some of Doechii’s strongest rapping to date, “Swamp B—s” is a braggadocious anthem about being a diva.

Throughout the song, both Doechii and Rico Nasty trade verses, both rapping so fast one is left to wonder how they aren’t out of breath. Often, a rap collaboration can seem disjointed if the artists’ styles don’t mesh together. Here, Doechii and Rico Nasty flow perfectly together, each managing to keep up with the other’s fast pace and creative wordplay. 

Rico Nasty in particular serves several funny, quotable lines, such as “Popeye strong ‘cause I eat my kale.” “Swamp B—s” sees Doechii at her best, showing off how good her rap skills are in terms of both cadence and wordplay. 

“Really Don’t Like U (feat. Kylie Minogue)” by Tove Lo

In contrast to the other songs mentioned, “Really Don’t Like U” takes on a much more pessimistic tone as it details a chance encounter between two ex-lovers at a party. Both Tove Lo and Kylie Minogue sing from the jealous perspective of a person who’s being forced to see their ex with someone new — “really, I just don’t like you / look prettier than I do tonight.” 

Even though the situation makes it hard for the onlookers to have a good time, Tove Lo and Minogue push through to have fun — “but I’m gonna try / till my eyes and these drinks run dry.” This is a song all about embracing the bad feelings and partying through the pain. While this might not be the healthiest coping mechanism, it makes for a unique party track by catering to those who might not be enjoying the party very much.

“Fake Mona Lisa” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, believe it or not Carly Rae Jepsen has other songs besides “Call Me Maybe.” Jepsen’s “Emotion,” released in 2015, remains one of the best pop albums of the 2010’s. When she released her follow-up album “Dedicated” in 2019 and subsequently “Dedicated Side B” in 2020, expectations were thus understandably high. Jepsen certainly delivered as both “Dedicated” and “Dedicated Side B” produced tracks which were carefully crafted to pop perfection. 

“Fake Mona Lisa,” from “Dedicated Side B,” is one of these tracks. The song makes up for its short length with insanely catchy lyrics and well-timed instrumental breaks. The chorus in particular stands out as one of the catchiest choruses in Carly Rae Jepsen’s discography — “the night we painted over your fake Mona Lisa / lipstick on the corners, said her smile was teasin’ ya.” It’s flirtatious lines like this that set the mood of the song. Once this track starts playing, it’s hard to stop the urge to play it over and over again and reminisce about your crush from class. 

Music is truly the lifeblood of a party. Without it, people wouldn’t be energized or motivated enough to even attempt to have a good time. Here’s hoping these songs provide you with the motivation to have a party of your own, especially during the stressful season of midterms.

On Repeat is a column from the Arts and Entertainment Desk that provides readers with songs related to the University student experience, from toughing it through finals season to walking around Grounds and more.