Election 2012: Decision Time

By Last updated: 11/06/12 6:50pm

11:16 p.m. — They’ve called it. Another four years of Obama.

Warner, Kaine rally Charlottesville supporters

By Kelly Kaler Last updated: 11/02/12 1:03am

Senator Mark Warner and democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine spoke at a rally Thursday afternoon at the Obama headquarters on the downtown mall.

With five days left before election day, the politicians stressed the urgency of last-minute campaigns and encouraged supporters to remain strong in their efforts to sway undecided voters with one-on-one phone calls and door to door solicitations. Recent polls in Virginia have shown the presidential race virtually tied, although a Washington ...

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Romney, Obama neck-in-neck new poll shows

By Joseph Liss Last updated: 10/25/12 12:28am

A new poll from the University and George Mason University shows Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are effectively tied in Virginia in the final weeks of the Presidential contest.

Former Governor Tim Kaine and former Senator George Allen are also tied in the Virginia Senate race, with Kaine up 43 percent to Allen’s 40 percent and 13 percent of voters undecided. The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus four percent.

The poll, which ...

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USDA Deputy Secretary promotes local agriculture

By Donald Sensabaugh Last updated: 10/05/12 12:45am

Kathleen Merrigan, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s deputy secretary, spoke Thursday in Garrett Hall about why community members should buy more foods locally and support area farmers.

The presentation was an offshoot of the “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” initiative the USDA is pursuing to promote these goals nationwide. The program, launched in 2009, aims to stimulate each community’s economic growth in addition to cultivating healthy ...

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Yale professor visits University, discusses political mass killings

By Donald Sensabaugh Last updated: 09/21/12 2:34am

Timothy Snyder, a Yale University history professor and author, gave a lecture Thursday in Ruffner Hall about his book “Bloodlands.” The novel focuses on the Holocaust and other political mass killings in Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic States and Eastern Russia.

Rather than taking a chronological approach to killings, Snyder examines the events of individual regions, placing them in the larger context of international politics. “Bloodlands” also looks at the domestic-level policies ...

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Phi Beta Sigma launches anti-hazing program

By Audrey Waldrop Last updated: 09/21/12 1:18am

Phi Beta Sigma, a fraternity belonging to the National Pan-Hellenic Council, announced Thursday the launch of a new sensitivity training program for high school and college students interested in Greek life.

After spotting hazing at the root of so many organizations for a number of centuries Phi Beta Sigma had a “Fannie Lou Hamer moment – we’re ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired,’” said Jonathon Mason, international first vice president of the organization.

The ...

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