Letters from the Editor

Introducing Cavalier Calendar

By Julia Horowitz Last updated: 10/29/15 6:09am

The Cavalier Daily and Student Council are proud to announce the launch of Cavalier Calendar, your one stop to figure out what's happening on or near Grounds. Housed on The Cavalier Daily's home page, Cavalier Calendar aims to make event listings easy to access for students.

Looking for something to do on a weekday or weekend? It's all there. Want to add your student group's event? It's as easy as filling out this ...

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The Cavalier Daily website gets a facelift

By Rebecca Lim Last updated: 04/22/14 12:27am

Dear Readers,

If you visited cavalierdaily.com today, you may have noticed that things look different. For those who frequent our website, you probably recognized the changes almost immediately. For those who only check our page periodically, you may have experienced a sensation not unlike the way you feel when you’re mildly certain your friend is sporting a new haircut. For those of you who have never read The Cavalier Daily online before: Welcome! We’ve just launched a ...

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Full-time advertising representative starting in December 2013

By Kaz Komolafe Last updated: 11/04/13 5:15am

The Cavalier Daily is the only daily news organization at the University of Virginia and the oldest
newspaper in Charlottesville. It is an entirely student-run, non-profit organization with an
operating budget that it accrues solely through selling advertisements. The Cavalier Daily
maintains a 10,000 twice-a-week print circulation, publishes a daily online edition with expanded and enhanced content, and publishes a daily e-newsletter. In addition, it has recently developed ...

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Is it enough to <3 #socialmedia?

By Kaz Komolafe Last updated: 04/01/13 3:44pm

Social media.

(Round of applause)

These two words have spread through the journalism world like wild fire. Aspiring journalists, newspaper veterans and anyone with two fingers, a computer and an often misplaced belief that they have something to say that the world needs to hear have all jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. But, is social media making readers dumber?

If it is, newspapers like The Cavalier Daily, which are proud of their social media efforts — ...

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