Virginia Film Festival

Not That Funny

By Last updated: 11/05/12 4:50am

In my third review of Virginia Film Festival screenings, I’m faced with a reprise of sorts: Not That Funny is what I Am Not a Hipster is titularly: sort of a misnomer. Well, yes, it tends to be what Thursday’s delightfully-indie film could not accomplish and carries a plot that does hold close to the promise its title strings up in lights. But, it has its chuckle-catalyzing moments. Although, Not That Funny seems to have a cast cursed with an ironic case of arrested development. ...

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Fat Kid Rules the World

By Last updated: 11/05/12 3:23am

Matthew Lillard (The Descendants, Scooby Doo) and Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer, Dracula) came along to the Newcomb Theatre to present Lillard’s directorial debut and Campbell’s role in Fat Kid Rules the World. Lillard’s energy and high spirits bring this story to life. After a rough life, obese high school teenager Troy (Jacob Wysocki) finds himself dragged along the mishaps of expelled band junkie Marcus (Matt O’Leary) after Marcus saves Troy from his suicide attempt. By the end, ...

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Silver Linings Playbook

By Last updated: 11/04/12 2:43am

Bradley Cooper is no stranger to the finer things in life: he’s fluent in French, has an honors degree in English from Georgetown under his belt, and has been relishing in the fact that he’s everyone’s favorite brand of eye candy. Then again, he’s been in accolade-accruing comedy films like The Hangover and Wedding Crashers, which exhibit his fun-loving side. When Silver Lining Playbook showcases him chucking a library copy of an Ernest Hemingway novel out his parents’ ...

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Between Us

By Last updated: 11/04/12 2:30am

Between Us combines dramatic realism and dark comedy to create a film experience which at times will make you cringe, laugh, and occasionally sit in open-mouthed disbelief. Adapted for the screen from a play, Between Us is not a feel-good film but it does subtly deliver some poignant life lessons. While it does not draw to a neat and tidy conclusion, it does provide excellent fodder for discussion for those open to confronting tough questions about the realization or sacrifice of dreams and ...

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Rust and Bone

By Last updated: 11/03/12 11:54pm

In what was apparently the US premiere of French film Rust and Bone, the Virginia Film Festival brought in a strong crowd. In a role that has a good shot to lead to an Oscar nomination for Marion Cotillard (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Contagion), Stephanie suffers a major accident working with killer whales that leaves her without her legs and without much will to live. At the same time, Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts) is fighting to support himself and his five-year-old son Sam after he ...

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Hello I Must Be Going

By Last updated: 11/03/12 4:16am

The performances of lead actors Melanie Lynskey and Christopher Abbott pull together the very tragically subtle story of Amy’s recent divorce and how she finds understanding through her relationship with nineteen-year-old Jeremy. The story in itself, while definitely offering a distinct look at both love and knowledge of the self, would not hold the strength that it does without the two leads, who bring humor in the most uncomfortably realistic of places. The film focuses especially on Amy, ...

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All The Presidents Men

By Last updated: 11/03/12 2:43am

Everyone knew the movie was going to be good. Two of the greatest actors of the century, four Academy awards and a multitude of other accolades; All the Presidents Men has already been deemed a bonafide classic. I could sense, however, that the most anticipated segment of the show was the discussion afterward with Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the very men who inspired the film, broke the Watergate scandal and cemented their status as genuine journalistic royalty.

Even as the film ...

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About Cherry

By Last updated: 11/03/12 1:59am

About Cherry is mostly sex and drugs, with a little bit of heartache thrown in, too. The tale of a teenager with a terrible home life, this film is not your average “inspirational, rise from the ashes” story. With the potential to be a riveting story of struggle, it just misses the mark for me.

The plot is extremely unique, and one that would definitely draw the teen audience- sex, sex, and more sex!- but there were too many aspects of the complex plot that were introduced, ...

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The Man with the Iron Fist

By Last updated: 11/02/12 6:34am

The Man With The Iron Fists seems to unite a great deal of prominent cultural forces with large and furiously devout masses of fans: RZA (of the rap posse Wu-Tang Clan) writing, directing and starring. The Kung-Fu aesthetic (in itself a force to be reckoned with) comprising the setting and plot. Even Tarantino (whose presence can be felt strongly here) puts his stamp on the production. Instead of trying to describe this indescribably weird film in any typical fashion, ...

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By Last updated: 11/02/12 5:25am

Bill and Turner Ross are the type of filmmaking duo that emerged from a childhood obsession with the power of the camera to capture a singular worldview, to put an audience into ones shoes and show them the things you see just as you see them. Though the brothers have grown significantly since their boyhood, their film Tchoupitoulas possesses that distinct touch of naiveté, seeking not to recount a narrative or voice some socio-political commentary, but to impress upon the audience a vision ...

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I Am Not A Hipster

By Last updated: 11/02/12 4:03am

I have been dressed for this occasion for two days straight: ironic muted flannel, jeans skinnier than Nicole Richie, blister-inducing Chuck Taylor kicks, a trapper hat straight out of Northern Michigan, and of course, imitation Ray Bans. But don’t worry, unlike like most people afraid to be stamped a “hipster,” they have lenses to accommodate my 20-80 excuse for vision.

Kicking off the first night of the VFF, I Am Not a Hipster is one part Control ...

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Welcome to the Arts&Entertainment VFF Blog!

By Last updated: 10/31/12 11:55pm

Hey everyone!!

Tomorrow marks the start of the 25th annual Virginia Film Festival. Over the course of the next few days, our writers will be covering a wide array of the Festival’s most highly anticipated releases, ranging from indie documentaries to future Hollywood hits. We hope you check out this blog as the weekend progresses for up to the hour reviews of all things VFF.

Happy viewing!

Conor and Caroline
Senior Editors


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