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YOWELL: Rape culture on Grounds needs to be addressed

(02/12/19 6:49am)

The University is no stranger to the issues sexual assault cases create, as prominent magazine Rolling Stone made apparent through its controversial 2014 article “A Rape on Campus” and its subsequent retraction. However, determining the facts of a case is only one issue that has been brought to light through articles, while many others, such as rape prevention, sometimes remain overlooked. Until these issues are brought to the surface and addressed, the University will continue to exhaust all of its efforts fixing the wrong problems surrounding rape culture on Grounds, overlooking the true issues at hand. 

POWERS: Students should support proposed UJC referenda

(02/05/19 2:05am)

On Sunday, January 27, elected University Judiciary Committee representatives unanimously approved two proposed constitutional amendments. The first modernizes language, including a shift from gender binary “he or she” pronouns to gender neutral “they” pronouns while the second refines the UJC Statute of Limitations. Given the demonstrated Committee support, both amendments will be up for referendum between February 26 and March 1 during University -wide elections. Not only are these important changes for the University Judiciary Committee, but they fit within the UJC’s dedication to student rights and current trajectory toward a more equitable student system.  

Reading between the dollar signs

(02/04/19 3:53am)

I like to think I have a base-level knowledge of proper mealtime etiquette. If you put two forks in front of me, I could guess which one is for the salad. I absolutely do not chew with my mouth open, and if Richard Gere brought me as his date to an important business dinner upon which the fate of his company rested, I think I’d be able to handle the escargot — “slippery little suckers.”

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong flocks to Charlottesville

(02/05/19 12:43am)

To describe a jam band’s work as a form of wizardry should be held as an utmost compliment, reserved for a band that exhibits its magical faces and can play with an audience in ways that most bands cannot. A musical wizard has the ability to penetrate the minds of those in the audience and replace the brain’s power of controlling the body with music. The mind-body connection ceases to exist and the music takes over as the composer of the body’s movements. 

Virginia track and field continues hot start at Liberty Flames Invite

(02/05/19 12:22am)

For the fourth-straight weekend, the Virginia men’s and women’s track and field teams competed on the road. Traveling close to home to Lynchburg, the Cavaliers competed against a number of regional competitors including top-25 ranked Campbell. This past Saturday, Feb. 2, the team built on their early season success by setting a Virginia record and a number of career-best performances. 

EDITORIAL: Ralph Northam must resign

(02/02/19 10:54pm)

Yesterday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s section of his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook surfaced on many media outlets. Next to three other photos of the governor, there was a picture depicting two men — one in blackface and one in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood. This image justifiably sparked an intense backlash from all corners of the political spectrum demanding that Northam be held accountable for his actions. 

WARTEL: Jim Ryan is not our savior

(02/07/19 5:00am)

University President Jim Ryan got a lot of good press from his inauguration speech.The main takeaway was that the University would be tuition-free for students with household incomes below $80,000, and tuition- and room and board-free for students from a household income of $30,000 or less. The Washington Post presented the news as “UVA president vows free tuition for those making under $80k.” The Cavalier Daily’s headline reads “In-state students from families earning less than $80K will be able to attend U.Va. tuition-free, Ryan announces.” Following the speech, more and more articles lauded the move as a beacon of a progressive, equality-seeking rookie president cutting his teeth as a trailblazer. The announcement of tuition-free college for some and expanded aid for others is ultimately good news because it relieves some of the financial burden for students. However, those praising Ryan shouldn’t conflate him as champion of the students and community member interest groups seeking a more equitable institution. 

No. 23 wrestling loses second straight dual but shows positive signs

(02/03/19 9:57pm)

After dropping its ACC opener last Saturday against No. 17 North Carolina, the No. 23 Virginia wrestling team returned home to face yet another nationally ranked opponent from the Tar Heel State on Friday. Despite wins in four weight classes and a raucous home crowd, the Cavaliers (11-8, 0-2 ACC) fell 23-17 to No. 8 N.C. State (14-2, 2-0 ACC). 

Students compete for elite norovirus

(02/06/19 10:13pm)

WEDNESDAY - On Tuesday, Jan. 29th, an email from Dr. Christopher Holstege, the executive director of the Department of Student Health and Wellness, was sent to all University students announcing that “cases of norovirus have been confirmed in the U.Va. student population.” Though no definitive number was provided in the email, it is assumed that only a few cases of norovirus have been reported, making the chance of contracting the painful disease a contentious honor. Despite assurance that the virus is “highly contagious,” students across Grounds are still competing passionately for the coveted distinction of “vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and/or stomach pain.”

BHARADWAJ: ‘Learn to Code’ should be treated as advice, not an attack

(02/06/19 3:42am)

Earlier this month, hundreds of employees from Verizon subsidiaries, BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post were laid off – amidst broader corporate media cuts that ended in a loss of nearly 7 percent of Verizon’s digital media operations. In response to announcements of the layoffs on Twitter, a multitude of users mocked these newly unemployed journalists. Their comments centered upon a simple three-word rallying cry — “Learn to Code.” This seemingly innocuous banter was met with wanton discipline from Twitter, who now treats the aforementioned phrase as “abusive behavior” and a violation of their terms and services. While the comments may have been a bit untimely and insensitive — and the intentions of those who used it may not necessarily be good — there is truth behind this phrase, which forebodes a changing climate in national and global job markets that must be acknowledged. 

Rozana Montiel’s architecture tells stories and blurs boundaries

(02/01/19 5:07am)

For many, the term architecture brings to mind images of sleek, abstract buildings and elaborate schematics that serve as part engineering demonstrations, part aesthetic showcases. But for young design professionals like Rozana Montiel, lecturing this year for the A-School’s annual Michael Owen Jones Lectureship, architecture is not just a technical craft. It is fundamentally about human narrative. She strongly believes that “a project comes from a story.” Arts and Entertainment sat down with Montiel to explore her studio’s work and design principles.