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March Madness pregame playlist

(03/21/19 12:54am)

Picture this — it’s the buildup before the Cavaliers take to the court, about to pursue a championship title. The TV is on, the snacks set out, but the only sound in the room is nervous mumbling, prayers and hushed mentions of last year’s March Madness and The-Game-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. What does a Wahoo have to do to get some positive vibes going? Put on an awesome confidence boosting playlist, that’s what! The fans will be all smiles as they rock out to these ten confidence-building tunes that’d make anyone ready to cheer on the orange and blue. 

Battle of the Bennetts: Two icons, one name

(03/20/19 10:48pm)

As basketball fans eagerly await the Cavalier’s first game in the NCAA Tournament this Friday, the Arts and Entertainment editors found themselves in a mild tiff — who was superior, legendary American singer Tony Bennett, or heralded, handsome Virginia Basketball coach Tony Bennett? We decided to duke it out the only way we know how — politely exchanging our thoughts and publishing them so the University, Charlottesville, the world and the gods could be the judge. Read our discourse below.       

Old Dorms residents paint their walls before renovations begin

(03/21/19 3:49am)

Any University student who has lived in Old Dorms most likely recalls beige and white walls — and not much else. But for a little while, students have been given the opportunity to add some more vibrant colors. Beginning in May, Hancock, Metcalf and Lefevre will be undergoing renovations —  but currently they’re undergoing creative transformations.  

March Madness Roundtable: Virginia men’s basketball superlatives

(03/20/19 2:24am)

As March Madness approaches, The Cavalier Daily sports staff takes a look at superlatives for the Virginia men’s basketball team in the Big Dance. In 2019, the No. 1 seed Cavaliers will look to bounce back from an early outing the last two years in March. The team is in good position to change their fortune with a well-balanced squad this year.

No. 1 seed Virginia’s road to the Final Four

(03/20/19 10:34pm)

It’s finally here. A year after a historic loss to No. 16 seed UMBC, Virginia is back for redemption in the NCAA Tournament. On Selection Sunday, the Cavaliers were named a No. 1 seed for the second consecutive year, and they head the South region. The South regional semifinals and finals will be played in Louisville, Ky., but to get to the Sweet Sixteen, the Cavaliers will start off play in Columbia, S.C., where the road to their first Final Four appearance since 1984 starts.

BHARADWAJ: Athletics spending must be audited and streamlined

(03/21/19 1:59am)

The Board of Visitors approved yet another major tuition hike in December, amounting to a roughly 3 percent increase for undergraduate students and up to 4.9 percent for graduate students. This increase is particularly concerning when you consider the University’s quantifiable history of questionable financial decisions, such as their massively overzealous $160 million needed for Alderman’s renovations — which is equivalent to annual in-state tuition for nearly 5,000 students. Because of this palpable fiscal irresponsibility, it is important for the student body to constantly scrutinize where exactly our tuition dollars are going. Nowhere is this more necessary than in the University athletics department, a non-essential sector that spends over $100 million annually and often fails to turn a net operating profit.

REKULAPELLI: Tony Bennett is one of the best college basketball coaches at player development

(03/21/19 2:49am)

Almost 10 years ago, Tony Bennett dialed up Craig Littlepage, former Virginia athletic director, to turn down Virginia’s offer and continue coaching at Washington State. Yet, according to the Daily Press, Bennett’s wife, Laurel, encouraged him to take more time in making his decision — time that has led to four ACC regular season championships, two ACC Tournament championships, four ACC Coach of the Year awards, two Henry Iba Awards, an AP National Coach of the Year award and seven NCAA Tournament appearances.

DRISCOLL: Virginia must do more to address the consumption of e-cigarettes by minors

(03/19/19 1:41am)

Earlier this year, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed into law legislation which officially raised the legal purchasing age of tobacco and vapor-related products from 18 to 21. In a state whose very origins and history are heavily intertwined with the cultivation of tobacco — tracing its earliest roots to 1611 at Jamestown — and remains one of its largest industries, this move by lawmakers in Richmond was monumental. Yet despite this, numerous inherent flaws and loopholes still exist with the Commonwealth’s strategy to address the recent upsurge in teen consumption of e-cigarettes.  

Honor Committee considers allowing student IR official summaries from related cases as evidence

(03/18/19 3:17pm)

Honor Committee members discussed four amendments to the Committee’s bylaws Sunday evening allowing Public Summary information on Informed Retractions of related offenses to be used as evidence in an Honor trial. Public Summaries are an online publication of annual Honor sanction outcomes at the University, with the far majority of them being anonymous. According to the website where they are posted, the summaries are “meant to better inform the University student body about the workings of the Honor System in regard to the major issues brought forth at Honor hearings.” 

Mumford & Sons delights Charlottesville

(03/21/19 2:01am)

Everyone has had that experience of being around someone that just lights up a room. It’s really the perfect Seinfeld character. They don’t have that much to say, but everything that comes out of their mouth is timed so perfectly that the wittiness and snark of whatever the heck they’re saying leaves a smile on the listener’s face. It’s like that person who yells out “Free Bird!” after every song the band at Coupe’s plays. It’s horribly played out but always pretty darn funny. 

No. 3 men’s tennis defeats No. 27 N.C. State and falls to No. 2 Wake Forest in North Carolina

(03/20/19 2:24am)

After defeating USF and UCF in Florida earlier this week, the No. 3 Virginia men’s tennis team headed to North Carolina for the weekend to face No. 27 N.C. State (11-6, 2-1 ACC) and No. 2 Wake Forest (16-3, 4-0 ACC), whom the Cavaliers upset at home in February. 

Animated sci-fi anthology ‘Love, Death & Robots’ is missing a prime directive

(03/19/19 12:46am)

An animated anthology series of loosely-adapted science fiction short stories produced by Tim Miller ("Deadpool") and David Fincher ("The Social Network," "Mindhunter" and "House of Cards") sounds at first glance like a recipe that could only emerge out of a fever dream. This initial glance proves true throughout the over three hours worth of diverse, beautifully animated and genre-spanning storytelling in the duo's "Love, Death & Robots,” which was released on Mar. 15.

BURKE: The University should provide an ADA accessible Lawn room

(03/18/19 1:40am)

When people think of the University, they most likely picture the iconic Lawn and Rotunda. Living on the Lawn is one of the highest honors a student can receive, as it is located at the very center of our University community and has been so integral to our school’s history. However, since the Lawn and Rotunda are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these spaces are not legally required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As such, no Lawn rooms are currently ADA accessible, which creates a significant obstacle in the University’s desire for equity and inclusion.