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Georgia O’Keeffe’s natural abstraction

(11/29/18 11:53pm)

“This is O’Keeffe geekdom … if that’s not your deal, this is the time to leave!” Carolyn Kastner, Curator Emerita of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M., joked at the beginning of her talk. The crowd that gathered in Campbell Hall Nov. 15 for the annual Gladys S. Blizzard Lecture, “Learning to See Abstractly,” seemed eager to absorb the knowledge Kastner would share about the artist, particularly her time at the University. 

Navigating giving season on a college budget

(12/06/18 4:19am)

Early November through Christmas is the unofficial giving season — a time where the expectation to contribute your extra dollars to some selfless endeavor is palpable in the air. It’s both a blessing and a curse that the University is full of students who dedicate their time and efforts to hundreds of different charitable organizations on and off-Grounds. It means that our community is projecting a lot of good into the world, but it can also be overwhelming deciding which of the infinite organizations to donate to — because it’s unrealistic that we can contribute to all of them. 

FAHLBERG: Eliminate conspiracy laws

(12/03/18 5:07am)

Conspiracy is one of the most nebulous areas of American law. Rather than punishing individuals for the actual crimes they have committed, conspiracy laws incriminate individuals for the agreed upon intent to commit a crime. Not only do these laws waste taxpayer money by locking people up for decades at a time, they wrongfully incriminate innocent individuals before any crime has even taken place.

EDITORIAL: Tuition allocation should mirror student concerns

(11/29/18 2:39am)

The University recently announced that it was considering a 2 to 3.5 percent tuition increase for the next academic year. While tuition hikes of this sort are not unusual — since 2012 there have been similar hikes — students still balk at the idea of paying more. Students and their families often become frustrated with tuition increases, especially if these increases fail to extensively improve their experience at the University. The administration, especially under University President Jim Ryan’s “Ours to Shape” initiative, should wisely allocate money to programs requested by a student body that prioritizes issues that directly affect students’ education experiences.

U.Va. works towards accessibility on Lawn with addition of ramps

(11/29/18 1:39am)

The construction of two permanent, wheelchair-accessible ramps on the western side of the Lawn will be completed by the start of the spring semester, according to U.Va. officials. The ramps — part of the Lawn Accessibility Project — will provide a continuous and obstruction-free path from the Rotunda to Old Cabell Hall for students and visitors with mobility impairments.

Living Wage activism at UVA since 1998: Successes, struggles and aspirations

(11/29/18 5:36am)

In the wake of the inauguration of President Jim Ryan, a surge of questions regarding the future of the University arose — particularly how that future relates to reconciling with the University’s past. In his inaugural address Oct. 19, Ryan expressed the need for “an honest assessment of the past and the present, because this is the only way to measure progress.”

SCOTT: Don’t fall into the impeachment trap

(11/29/18 3:03am)

For the first time since the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives. Now they must decide how they are going to wield their new-found power. Should they relentlessly oppose everything that President Donald Trump does, or should they take a more even-handed approach, rejecting the extreme and outrageous actions of the president but still trying to work with him on policy disputes? How Democrats answer this question will have important implications for how they deal with a litany of issues, but I want to focus specifically on the issue of impeachment.

SMITH: After our loss to Virginia Tech, we revealed the worst of our community

(11/29/18 2:09am)

Losing the Commonwealth Cup for the fifteenth time in a row hit a lot of Cavalier fans hard. The amount of emotion going into the game as well as after the loss is understandable — Virginia Tech has historically been our fiercest rivals. Even sportscasters before the game had Virginia at a toss-up against Virginia Tech, signalling a recent shift under the Mendenhall #NewStandard era which otherwise would have been seen as near impossible just a few years ago. 

KARTHIKEYAN: U.Va. students should have input in the faculty hiring process

(11/30/18 12:00am)

The University gives high importance to self-governance — the principle that students have the power to govern themselves. Students are able to serve on the Honor Council, the University Judiciary Committee and Student Council, which all have the power to make an impact at the University. However, there is one area in which students do not have a formal role, and that is in the faculty hiring process. Since many departments are opening up searches for faculty this fall, this issue is becoming increasingly relevant. We, as students, must have a voice in the search process because faculty hiring directly impacts our lives.