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My big fat Confederate ghost roommate

(01/07/19 6:38pm)

At first I didn’t really notice anything weird about my roommate, Rob. Sure, he was a couple hundred years old and — well, a ghost — but I figured hey, this is college. Things are different here. But pretty soon, he became almost unbearable to live with. When I moved into the oldest dorm on campus, I knew I wasn’t going to get the most modern furnishings, but I didn’t expect that to apply to the person I would be sharing a room with. It was when I discovered that my hall had actually been built on an ancient Confederate graveyard that I started to notice something fishy going on. 

Soraya Chemaly wants you to get angry

(12/27/18 1:44pm)

Soraya Chemaly is sick of the women around her being exhausted. Chemaly began writing about and researching women’s rights full-time 10 years ago, when she would write two to three articles a week about gender and sexualized violence and their roles in inequality. She has been published in The Atlantic, The Nation and Time — just to name a few. Chemaly is now the director of the Women’s Media Center and continues to do research on and write about women’s issues. In her book “Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger,” which came out Sept. 11., Chemaly expounds on how women’s repressed rage creates harmful tendencies. Chemaly came to Charlottesville Dec. 5 to talk about her new book.

Rufus Wainwright ‘poses’ at the Paramount

(12/27/18 1:42pm)

In his 20 years as a recording artist, Rufus Wainwright has moved from pop singer-songwriter to operatist, critic of former President George W. Bush to critic of President Donald Trump and enfant terrible to self-proclaimed “tyrant.” Six years since the release of his last studio album as a singer-songwriter, “Out of the Game,” Wainwright finds himself at a transitional moment in his career, preparing for his next studio album following the premiere of his second opera, “Hadrian.” Amid these other projects, Wainwright, who has said he must tour to sustain himself financially, has embarked on a series of shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his 1998 debut.

BOV student member Brendan Nigro discusses inclusion, affordable housing at Board meeting

(12/17/18 9:50pm)

The University’s Board of Visitors discussed several key items at their full meeting of the Board Dec. 7, including recent funding for new developments granted to the University Health System and changes in enrollment and organization at the University’s College at Wise. The session also featured commentary from BOV student member and fourth-year College student Brendan Nigro.

Lime electric scooters launched in Charlottesville, available around Grounds

(12/17/18 9:39pm)

Lime, the California-based electric scooter company, debuted in Charlottesville last week. Charlottesville city officials approved Lime scooters as the first dockless scooter company to operate in the city Dec. 7. Although Lime initially planned to implement 100 e-scooters and 100 electric bicycles, there are currently 200 scooters and 50 bikes placed around Charlottesville. 

Attorney General Mark Herring hosts roundtable discussion at First Baptist Church

(12/17/18 9:46pm)

Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring visited Charlottesville’s First Baptist Church earlier this month to host a roundtable discussion with community leaders and representatives about ways to combat rising levels of hate crimes and white supremacist violence in the Commonwealth. 

Student revives tradition of showing ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ during finals

(12/15/18 6:19pm)

On a winter day in the early 1980s, Class of 1984 alumna Deborah Whelan went with a friend to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the first time. The film was showing on Grounds in Wilson Hall, but stressed about her upcoming tests, Whelan was reluctant to leave her studying for a movie break. 

College Republicans looking at houses on 14th to make up for midterms loss

(01/03/19 5:57pm)

“Devastated. Absolutely and completely devastated.” These are the words The Cavalier Daily probably used to describe U.Va.’s College Republicans viewing party for the Nov. 6 midterm elections. On that night, the Republican Party lost control of the US House of Representatives for the first time since 2010. “Today is a dark day for us. I genuinely don’t know how we’re gonna move forward. We may not. This may be the end of College Republicans as we know it,” said a College Republicans member that night.

Darden brings U.Va. closer to carbon neutrality

(12/21/18 5:02pm)

This past September, the Darden School of Business and Dominion Energy launched a green energy partnership at the Hollyfield Solar facility — a 160-acre field of solar panels in King William County, Va. After reaching an agreement with Dominion last year, the University and Darden will purchase all generated energy from the U.Va. Hollyfield Solar facility, which is owned and operated by Dominion, for the next 25 years. 

Jury recommends sentence of life in prison for murder of Heather Heyer

(12/12/18 12:11am)

A jury recommended James Alex Fields Jr. — the white nationalist who drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters at the Unite the Right rally in downtown Charlottesville in August 2017 — be sentenced to life in prison Tuesday afternoon after jurors found him guilty of the first degree murder of Heather Heyer, eight counts of malicious wounding and one hit-and-run count for injuring dozens of others with his vehicle.

Why I’m not telling you what I want for Christmas

(12/15/18 6:06pm)

Whether it be through the Myers-Briggs test, the zodiac or the latest Buzzfeed quiz — “Cook Your Dream Pancakes and We’ll Tell You Your Best Quality” — there seems to be a modern compulsion for constant self-categorization. I’m “humble,” based on my choice of blueberry pancakes with maple-syrup, I’m an Aquarius by birth and I can’t remember my Myers-Briggs type — does the E stand for emotional? That sounds right.    

Conservative commentator draws backlash from minority students over statements on immigration

(12/11/18 9:20pm)

Conservative commentator Anna Paulina addressed students at an event last week hosted by the University’s chapter of Turning Point USA — a student activist group for young conservatives on college campuses — where Paulina defended the right to bear arms by arguing women should be able to defend themselves against sexual assault and targeted attacks. The event included a discussion on Paulina’s background as a Mexican and Native American conservative and her views on immigration reform, which evoked concern from minority student leadership at the University and drew a protest of around 25 students.