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How movie soundtracks helped me rediscover my abandoned hobby

(10/22/19 5:30am)

Since the age of five, I’ve kept my nails clipped short so that there’s no white part remaining, only pink. My childhood piano teacher firmly believed that this was essential for proper playing, and if I felt my fingers slipping across the keys during practice, we’d pause and I’d trim my nails over the trash can with the clipper she kept on her keyring.

DRISCOLL: Democrats must do more if they want to build a 'New Virginia'

(10/24/19 12:08am)

Over the past several decades, Virginia has essentially become two separate states — Northern Virginia, or “NOVA,” and the rest of the Commonwealth — with each region having a distinct cultural, economic and political identity. It is in the midst of this dramatic transformation that Democrats have reestablished themselves in Virginia politics, relegating the legacy of the Byrd Organization and Massive Resistance to the ash heap of history and building a powerful base of support in Northern Virginia. Although this separation with the party of the past came into question earlier this year, Democrats have vowed to build a “New Virginia” should they emerge victorious this November. And yet, just as Democrats are on the cusp of regaining control of the General Assembly for the first time in nearly 20 years, their hubris and disconnect with certain regions across the state may ultimately tarnish these dreams. 

McIntire School of Commerce hosts conversation with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

(10/22/19 5:02am)

National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver spoke in front of a sold-out crowd at Old Cabell Hall Friday morning for the Centennial Speaker Series Conversation. As part of the McIntire School of Commerce’s 2019 Fall Forum, the conversation was centered around the topic of sports business and moderated by Commerce School Dean Carl Zeithaml. The event began with Zeithaml’s conversation with Silver, followed by two panels — “The Evolution of Sports: Insights from the Inside” and “Game Changers: How Athletes, Startups and Industry Giants Disrupt the World of Sports.”

Sikh Students Association hosts annual Punjabi Culture Night

(10/21/19 6:06pm)

Students wandered throughout the windy Amphitheater Thursday, sporting both bandaids on their shoulders and plates full of traditional Indian dishes in their hands. The Sikh Students Association hosted their annual Punjabi Culture Night, complete with not only free food and numerous cultural performances and activities, but flu shots as well. The SSA offered attendees free flu shots with insurance through CVS in order to alleviate a practical health concern during the colder months while attendees celebrated Punjabi culture. 

David Sedaris shares his dark, intimate humor with Charlottesville audience

(10/20/19 8:39pm)

“To the person who stole my antidepressants, I hope you’re happy,” David Sedaris read from his diary entries, mixing dark and crude humor in front of a packed crowd Wednesday night at the Martin Luther King Jr. Performing Arts Center. Sedaris shared four essays from his new collection, entitled “Calypso.” This marks the second week of his lecture tour after the book’s publication in May.

Following U.Va. hospital criticism, YDSA hosts healthcare town hall

(10/20/19 8:22pm)

Young Democratic Socialists of America at the University hosted a town hall last week on Grounds regarding healthcare, specifically covering the issues of healthcare for all and the recent controversy surrounding the University Health System’s aggressive collection practices concerning its patients’ debts. 

SONG: California is right to begin paying its college athletes

(10/17/19 2:46am)

California passed the “Fair Pay to Play Act,” on Sept. 30, allowing college athletes in California to be paid for the commercial use of their name, image and likeness — something the NCAA prohibits. The new law is a long-overdue victory for college football and basketball players, who collectively generate billions of dollars for the NCAA and college athletic programs each year without receiving any financial compensation. Virginia should follow California’s lead to help collegiate athletes get financial payment they deserve. 

U.Va. hopes to achieve a waste diversion rate of 70 percent at annual Green Football Game against Duke

(10/17/19 5:07am)

The University’s Office of Sustainability and Virginia Football are hosting their annual Green Game at Scott Stadium this Saturday. In addition to competing against Duke University in football, U.Va. is also competing against other colleges across the nation as part of the Gameday Recycling Challenge, an initiative to reduce waste by increasing recycling and composting at football games. 

DUA: Standardize class sections between professors

(10/22/19 3:54am)

The University’s status as one of the premier public schools in the country has historically attracted a distinguished faculty consisting of some of the best and brightest minds in academic fields across both undergraduate and graduate studies. These individuals greatly contribute to the sustained academic excellence for which the University has long been renowned. With that said, the divergence in both course content and difficulty that exists between professors teaching the same courses presents an unnecessary obstacle to students for mostly arbitrary reasons.

YOWELL: America is in desperate need of comprehensive sex education

(10/21/19 4:22am)

Although the United States does not enforce a nationwide requirement for sex education in public schools, the majority of states have their own legislation outlining how “family life” will be taught, if at all. Most of these programs range from bad to worse, meaning their ability to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make healthy, informed sexual decisions is virtually nonexistent. This means many young people in America do not receive a comprehensive education to protect themselves from teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted sexual experiences. In part, this is because only 29 states and the District of Columbia require sex education, and only 37 states mandate HIV education. Of those states, 17 require said “sex education” to be considered “medically accurate.” 

Virginia cross country preview: First national meet of the season

(10/18/19 4:47pm)

After three weeks of preparation, the Virginia men’s and women’s cross country teams return to action for their fourth meet of the season. The men kick things off Friday afternoon at the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational in Madison, Wis., while the women follow Saturday morning at the Under-Armour Pre-National Invitational in Terre Haute, Ind. 

No. 1 men’s soccer defeats fifth ranked opponent of the season, downing No. 18 James Madison 1-0

(10/17/19 5:24pm)

No. 1 Virginia men’s soccer hosted in-state rival No. 18 James Madison Tuesday night in the first match between the two schools since 2016. The Cavaliers (11-0-1, 4-0-1 ACC) defeated the Dukes (9-4-1, 4-0-1 CAA) 1-0 for an NCAA-leading 10th shutout of the season. 

EDITORIAL: U.Va. must continue to reform the Hospital’s debt collection policies

(10/17/19 5:09am)

In light of the recent reporting that uncovered the aggressive debt collection tactics employed by the U.Va. Health System, the University has announced changes it will be making to the billing process. These reforms include revised financial assistance guidelines which will allow more low-income patients to get partial or complete relief from their medical debt. However, the University stopped short of ceasing all lawsuits against indebted patients, citing legal obstacles. It instead opted to institute a threshold that limits lawsuits to only debts above $1,000 and against patients who earn at least 400 percent above the federal poverty line. We praise the University’s quick adoption of new policies to redress the problematic practices of the hospital, but we also urge the administration to work diligently to end all debt collection lawsuits.