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Charlotte McClintock

While the University's recent actions in regards to DACA were a step in the right direction, it is still far from where we need to be. 
DREAMers on Grounds held a rally to support DACA recipients in September, following President Donald Trump's decision to rescind the program. 
DREAMers on Grounds organized a walkout in November in solidarity with undocumented immigrants.
Ramps on Grounds enable disabled students access to University facilities. However, a lack of ramps in places such as Old Dorms greatly limits that access. 
DREAMers on Grounds hosted a walk-out to bring attention to immigration reform.
Culturefest showcased a number of performances from different multicultural groups on Grounds.
Rawda Fawaz, a third-year College student and vice president of DREAMers on Grounds, spoke to event attendees about the purpose of the gathering.
Women attending the Melanin Matters event discussed beauty standards, colorism and confidence. 

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