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Emma Hitchcock

In dealing with not only the general stress of the semester but also the added uncertainty and burden of the pandemic, many students found it beneficial to incorporate a self-care routine into their daily schedule.
Biracial people in America occupy complex and dynamic roles that often result in struggles with their racial identity.
关于这些新的调整,学生们在面临种种挑战和困难的同时,分享了他们对新冠病毒测试、食堂常规流程 、橄榄球比赛等方面的担忧。
Mark Levine, a Democratic delegate from Virginia’s 45th District, is campaigning against Amendment One
Self-awareness is a trait far more attractive than height.
With no promise of certainty in these next couple of months, returning to Grounds can hold many doubts and frustrations for families, friends and apartment mates. 
If you are so passionate about a hobby, it feels almost wrong to not do the thing you love.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SLI has had to overcome many barriers such as the lack of in-person instruction and student interaction, as well as the inability to host beloved events like cultural language dinners.

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