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The U.Va. experience, as told by a chronically late fourth-year

(02/24/19 10:32pm)

I’m a little late on a lot of things. Here are a few examples — I didn’t lose my last few teeth until I was in fifth grade, I buy trendy clothes long after they can still be classified as “in style” and I don’t like to leave my warm bed in the morning until it’s absolutely necessary. And I always rack up late fees every time another unwelcome sorority fee rolls around.

MCKELVEY: Proposed Title IX conditions undermine student self-governance

(02/24/19 11:12pm)

Marsh Pattie, assistant vice president of student affairs, met with the University Judiciary Committee earlier this month to discuss the UJC’s mission as well as some state and federal policies that may influence the judiciary processes here at the University. Most notably, Pattie discussed new policies from the Civil Rights Office of the U.S. Department of Education that could reevaluate the standards of evidence in student cases. 

EDITORIAL: Student Council representative endorsements

(02/20/19 4:11am)

A total of eight students came to The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board seeking endorsements for Student Council representative from the College of Arts and Sciences, with an additional student seeking an endorsement for the Engineering School Student Council representative position. Of these candidates, the Board elected to endorse seven individuals — six from the College of Arts and Sciences and one from the Engineering School. We have chosen to endorse Matthew Foreman, Omar Metwally, Ally Kammerman, Isabella Liu, Aneesha Goodala and Hunter Wagenaar from the College and Shivani Saboo from the Engineering School. These candidates exemplified clear goals for future policy and a true desire to represent their constituency in the best manner possible.

EDITORIAL: UJC representative endorsements

(02/20/19 4:11am)

This year, The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board has chosen to endorse four candidates running for University Judiciary Committee representative. Of the eight total candidates seeking election, we chose to endorse three from the College of Arts & Sciences — Shannon Cason, Gabby Cox and Chirag Kulkarni — and one from the School of Engineering and Applied Science — Camille Cooper. All of the candidates we have chosen to endorse presented insightful and forward-thinking platforms that we believe will bring progressive change to the University community.

EDITORIAL: Honor Committee endorsements

(02/20/19 4:12am)

A total of nine candidate running for the Honor Committee elections interviewed with The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board seeking endorsements for the 2019 student election cycle. Out of these candidates, four of them were from the College of Arts and Sciences, two were from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and three were from the Batten School. From the pool of candidates, the board elected to endorse Mary Beth Barksdale, Derrick Wang, Alex Spratley and Lillie Lyon from the College, Sally Greenberg from the Engineering School and Alex Blake and Harper North from the Batten School. These candidates demonstrated a profound depth of knowledge regarding issues pertaining to Honor and an ability to propose a concrete plan for the future of the organization.

Student Council confirms second-year College student Diana Gaiter as Chair of Diversity Engagement Committee​

(02/20/19 4:57am)

The Student Council Representative Body voted unanimously Tuesday to confirm the appointment of second-year College student Diana Gaiter as chair of the Diversity Engagement Committee. The committee was established in April 2018 and is tasked with cooperating with multicultural student organizations and University administration on issues relating to diversity and aims to offer resources for students from a variety of backgrounds. 

Newly renovated McCormick Road dorms to have gender neutral bathrooms

(03/04/19 3:52am)

Student Council announced in a Feb. 7 email update to the University student body that all bathrooms in the McCormick Road first-year dormitories currently undergoing renovations —  Page, Emmet, Echols and Humphreys — will be re-classified as gender-neutral. It is currently unclear if the Metcalf and Lefevre dorms — which will be renovated during the 2019-2010 school year — will have the same bathroom classification.  

Miller Center senior fellow Marc Short appointed as Mike Pence’s chief of staff

(02/20/19 4:42am)

Marc Short — a senior fellow at the University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs and former director of legislative affairs for President Donald Trump — has left his one-year fellowship with the Center to return to the White House as Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff.

No. 13 men’s tennis reaches the ITA Indoor Championships quarterfinals before getting swept by No. 2 Ohio State

(02/20/19 12:17am)

This past weekend, No. 13 Virginia men’s tennis (9-2, 2-1 ACC) attended the ITA National Team Indoor Championship in Chicago, Ill. The Cavaliers entered the tournament as the eighth seed after staging major ranked wins against No. 1 Wake Forest and No. 20 Texas A&M the past two months. 

ASCH: On Tommy Norment, the College Republicans’ silence is deafening

(02/22/19 12:15am)

The last few weeks in Virginia politics have been pretty rough for Democrats. First, it was uncovered that Gov. Ralph Northam was found to have had racist pictures on his page of his medical school yearbook, and then, he unfortunately handled the situation in a way that can only be described as a textbook example on how to not handle a crisis. A few days later, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax was accused of sexually assaulting two women — charges that he has unequivocally, though not always factually, denied. This left Attorney General Mark Herring, who later admitted to doing blackface while he was an undergraduate at the University, despite having called on Northam to resign prior to his admission. These scandals consumed the media for what seemed like an eternity, and these three all faced condemnation and calls to resign.