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El jefe de la University Police Department (UPD) [Departamento de Policía de la Universidad] presenta reformas de transparencia departamental al Consejo Estudiantil

(10/30/18 11:58pm)

El artículo no expresa las opiniones o posiciones de los traductores. El artículo es una versión traducida del artículo que se encuentra a continuación: enlace

Robyn copes with loss on ‘Honey’

(10/31/18 1:39am)

It’s been eight years since Robyn released her last studio album, 2010’s “Body Talk.” The intervening period witnessed the profligacy of Miley Cyrus, the genre-hopping of Taylor Swift, the ascendance of The Weeknd and the global dominance of Adele. Ariana Grande, then a Nickelodeon star, is now a tabloid fixture; Lady Gaga, then an insurgent pop star, is now an Academy Award contender. The void Robyn left — sophisticated synth-pop — was never filled, although Gaga’s failed “ARTPOP” and Lorde’s underestimated “Melodrama” tried.

U.Va. predictive monitoring systems improve patient care

(11/01/18 12:13am)

As part of the Data Science Institute’s Research Lunch and Learn Series, Cardiovascular Medicine Prof. J. Randall Moorman gave a presentation Oct. 12 entitled “Predictive Analytics Monitoring at the Bedside,” in which he described the ways that better data science practices can make a difference in the patients’ lives.

Learning how to 'parent' the parents

(10/30/18 3:44am)

To me, my parents have always been invincible. They were my first superheroes, the ones who held my hand and promised me ice cream when I had to get painful vaccination shots at the pediatrician’s office. They were the ones who could chase any nightmare away. I almost never saw them cry, get sick or make any mistake at all. I didn’t even think that they would ever become “older.” They were always, always capable, and it never occurred to until very recently that they are regular humans too. 

Chris Farina builds a community, showcases the good

(11/01/18 12:22am)

University alumnus and director Chris Farina has reached critical acclaim with his documentary films for decades. From the exploring the roadside residents of Pulaski Highway in “Route 40”  — his first film made with Reid Oechslin — to diving into the Charlottesville community in “West Main Street” (also made with Oechslin), Farina has captured in film the everyday lives of everyday people in the communities that matter to him. Another of his projects, “World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements,” showcased the life-changing work of Charlottesville teacher John Hunter, who invented the now widespread World Peace Game to teach elementary schoolers about global relations.

Virginia Film Festival combines local documentaries, big-name features

(11/01/18 12:26am)

Now in its 31st year, the Virginia Film Festival offers an excellent opportunity for students to interact with the community beyond Grounds, whether by venturing to a theater in a new part of town or joining film discussions with students, faculty and locals. This year in particular offers several documentaries surrounding race, politics, life as a refugee and personal stories which seek to unify Charlottesville. 

The guide to your best cup of tea

(10/31/18 1:46am)

As the leaves begin to change and the temperature starts to drop, there's nothing like a warm drink to sip on the way to class. Coffee is great but expensive, and too much of it can give you the jitters. A great substitute that is cost-effective, delicious and low-calorie is tea. I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to your perfect cup of tea and included a few of my favorite types and suggestions.

UPD chief defends law enforcement response to Aug. 11 and 12 anniversary at UJC meeting

(10/30/18 3:59am)

During the University Judiciary Committee general body meeting Sunday night, University Police Department Chief Tommye Sutton defended the strong law enforcement presence during this year’s anniversary weekend marking one year since the white supremacist rallies of Aug. 11 and 12, 2017. Sutton said that law enforcement’s previous failure to prevent violence at the 2017 rallies was paramount to this year’s preparations in terms of reducing conflict among demonstrators.