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Name-the-seats game takes turn near 'Cavalier Corner'

One year ago, the towering mass of media known only as HooVision made its dubious debut at Virginia's home opener. Fans, players and journalists alike were excited about the newest addition to Scott Stadium. (Besides close-ups of cheerleading captain Shelley McQuality simply can't be beat.)

Much of the anticipation was based on the football team as well.

Thoughts of an undefeated showdown with Florida State in Tallahassee increased with a 5-0 start. Too bad this year's additions to the Carl W. Smith III Center can't bring equal excitement. (And how could they following Saturday's debacle?)

The newly connected south end zone seating should be hyped as much as HooVision. In fact, it deserves some intimidating, unforgettable nickname.

And that doesn't mean keeping the old name, "Hooville."

No, when the visitors sit beneath the newest stadium seating, they should fear coming to the field. The name should make the visitors' spines tingle as they walk down the tunnel to a bastion of screaming fans. (Not against Wake Forest.)

Hoos' House? No. Cavalier Corner? Certainly not. The Gallows? Um ... no.

One chief consultant and my main man, known only as Argo, suggested Missed-field-goal Jesus in honor of Greg Owens. Another contributor, whom I will call Kosar, would love to call it the Dawg Pound in honor of the new Cleveland Browns. (There's no way they'll make a difference in the AFC playoff race.) The problem with this name is that there are no dogs known as Cavaliers, nor does Virginia ever pound anyone. (Central Michigan doesn't count.)

Chris Berman might like the frozen tundra of David A. Harrison III field at Scott Stadium of the Carl W. Smith III Center. Okay, he wouldn't. (Damn that Virginia humidity.)

How about something in honor of our fearless founder, Mr. Jefferson? After all, he is the second most famous TJ on Grounds. Mr. Jefferson's Athletic Village, maybe? (More people streak to immortality on the Lawn I'm afraid.)

Who knows, maybe Todd Braverman will kick a career-long, 51-yard field goal to beat the Deacons. Then we could call it Braverman's Barracks. (Sure, that will happen.)


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