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Notecards from the edge

Students can now own their own copy of a burnt Rotunda - or at least a picture of it.

The University Library and the University Bookstore, in conjunction with University Copying and Printing Services, have produced a boxed set of 12 five-inch by seven-inch notecards showing photographs from the University's past.

"We focused on striking images," University Bookstore Director Jon Kates said. The photographs, which come from the Library's Special Collections department, depict memorable scenes from University history, such as the Rotunda fire of 1895.

The idea for the notecards arose from work on the Bookstore's upcoming pictorial history of the University. The Library and Bookstore saw the notecards as a product desirable to University clientele as well as one that reflects the University in a positive light, Kates said.

Library and Bookstore officials decided that University Copying and Printing Services would produce the notecards, in keeping with the spirit of interdepartmental work on the project.

"Not often enough have we drawn upon the collective strengths we as a whole can benefit from," Kates said. "The more collaborative efforts, the better it is for the University community."

It's good to be 21

Twenty-one minutes after the 21st hour on the 21st day of September, 21 students with a "dedication to leadership and student self-governance" assembled on the steps of the Rotunda, awaiting a gift promised to them. They climbed the stairs to get their award - 21 bottles of Killian's Irish Red, a gift from the 21 Society, which delivered letters to the students to lead them to their frothy prize.