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Any Wahoos still crying over the loss to Virginia Tech finally can find comfort by watching an upcoming episode of public television's "Living In Virginia," which will examine the history of the rivalry between Virginia Tech and the University.

The program will explore the 100-year-old football rivalry, highlighting colossal comebacks and legendary players.

The documentary, created by WVPT -- PBS for the Shenandoah Valley and Charlottesville -- begins with the first game played between Virginia Tech and the University in 1895. In those early years, players hit the field without shoulder pads or helmets.

Since then, both teams have improved and gained national exposure, sending players on to the National Football League.

"I think the rivalry stems from the fact that both teams have improved over the years, and both teams have received more national exposure," said Danny Wilmer, University assistant coach and recruiting coordinator.

Wilmer also attributed the rivalry to the fact that both schools are in state and some of the rival teams' players came from the same high school.

He does however, contend that Virginia Tech traditionally has made a bigger deal out of the rivalry than the University.

"For years they've made more of it than we have. We're more into the ACC mode," Wilmer said. "I guess we consider North Carolina more of a rival than Virginia Tech."

Even so, over the years the rivalry has gained national attention. Virginians will have the opportunity to learn more about the rivalry tonight at 8 p.m. on WVPT.

Compiled by Christie McLaughlin