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You've got an emergency, you have to go to student health and luckily enough you have a roommate who can drive you there. Unfortunately, when you get there you find that there's another problem that needs to be solved -- where to park the car.

Starting today, there will be 14 new patient parking places in the parking lot on the south side of the Elson Student Health Center between Brandon and Monroe streets. Patient parking will be on the side of the parking lot close to the new addition to the health center.

Alison Montgomery, associate director for administration at Elson Student Health Center, said 10 members of the professional faculty and staff of Student Health have accepted reassignment to less convenient parking spots in order for the department to make patient parking more convenient and available.

Montgomery said there are no plans to charge for patient parking. Student Health directly pays the Department of Parking and Transportation Services for the spaces. However Montgomery said, to make sure only patients benefit from the new spots, there is a plan to assure that only student patients park in the new spots.

Students parking in a patient spot must first register their license plates on a clipboard in the lobby. Parking and Transportation will use the list to assure that the cars in the spaces belong to Student Health patients only.

Montgomery said ever since Student Health opened in 1990, employees have been working on increasing student/patient parking.

She said the Center has received frequent criticism over the years for the lack of available parking and the parking problems have received the lowest rating on patient satisfaction surveys over the past four years.

Compiled by June Biolsi


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