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RA cattle call: Herd 'em up

The annual mass movement to become a resident assistant begins today with an information session for interested students.

"The prospect of helping to shape someone's college career causes many people to want to become RAs," said Erin Healy, RA and fourth-year College student. "And the free room doesn't hurt."

Residence Life representatives will answer questions and discuss the procedures for becoming a RA tonight, at 7 p.m. in Maury Hall Auditorium.

The selection process begins with a test of general University knowledge, which about 200 students likely will take, Healy said.

She said the test is then followed by an interview conducted by a panel of six people.

Students who do well on the test and the interview progress to a group interview in which RAs give hypothetical scenarios related to dorm life to see how the prospective RA would deal with the problems, she added.

"I noticed that a lot of students tailor their answers in the interview to what they think the interviewer wants to hear," Healy said. "But students should just be themselves."

In addition to being themselves during interviews, prospective RAs should go to the library and check out the RA staff manual to get acquainted with procedures, resources and policies, she said.

Compiled by Christie McLaughlin


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