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The taste of Charlottesville

Do you feel like you'll turn into a fasting masochist if you eat one more slice of 'Caribbean Style' O-Hill ham or one more plate of soggy Pav spaghetti?

Well, maybe you should consider attending the International Food Festival at Alumni Hall tonight from 5 to 7 p.m.

But there's a catch.

Sponsored by the University Alumni Association, the event features an "eclectic buffet of international cuisine," highlighting countries as diverse as Ireland, Germany, France, India and even Switzerland.

Many local restaurants will contribute to the tastebud-tempting event, including Maharaja, Baja Bean, Thai! and Dragon Lady, according to third-year College student Mandy Cloud, public relations intern for the Alumni Association.

The event specifically targets Student Life Members of the Alumni Association but students who aren't members are also welcome, although they have to join the alumni association at the door.

"Once you're in, you can defer payment until graduation ... [people] are considered student members even though they haven't paid" their dues, Cloud said.

Just for showing up, you get a free T-shirt, so you can put off doing your laundry for another two, maybe three days.

The event offers more than just a one-time liberation from ARAmark cuisine. Bottlerocket, a local band, will perform as well.

Peace Frogs Travel also will be there to talk to students, answering questions they may have about travelling.

By hosting the event, the Alumni Association hopes to expand its membership.

It "will hopefully bring in old members and attract new ones as well," Cloud said.

Compiled by Adam Justice

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