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Dear James

Some students might be afraid to tell their roommates that their socks are stinking up the dorm. Maybe others are about to hit their crush over the head with a baseball bat that says "I like you" because he or she hasn't asked them out yet. It's possible that a few students could be on the verge of quitting school to join the circus because classes have stressed them to the max.

Forget about asking Mom and Dad for advice. The new Cavalier Daily advice columnist wants to hear students' problems and help sort them out. The new column will be featured every Tuesday in the Life section and will deal with any issue or predicament that students can dish out. Students should e-mail their troubles to James Duval at with "advice columnist" as the subject heading.

For those students who are too embarrassed to 'fess up to their problems, never fear. Pseudonyms will protect both the innocent and not-so-innocent.

No parking zone

Last Thursday, a rather unusual sight greeted the University community - white rubber pylons attached to the sidewalk between Memorial Gym and the Ruffner pedestrian bridge.

These objects don't protect the sidewalk itself, but rather, what lies under it. Directly below this area is part of the University's steam tunnel system. Since buses and heavy trucks occasionally park on this section of sidewalk, structural engineers have told Facilities Management this section must be repaired before it can safely support such heavy burdens.

"The structural engineers are still researching what's necessary" to make the area safe for parking, said University spokesman Louise Dudley.

The section of the underground steam tunnel vehicles cross when they enter the parking garage was reconstructed a few years ago when the garage was built and now can safely handle all sorts of traffic.

The rubber pylons will continue to adorn the sidewalk until engineers determine a course of action for making it safe for temporary vehicle parking.

Compiled by Allison Botos