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Roughin' it without Ruffner

For most students, finding a silent, uninhabited place to study on Grounds is a challenge.

Some tuck themselves away deep in the stacks of Alderman Library. Some drift off into their own world while listening to headphones on the quiet floor in Clemons. Others find a secluded place by chance and don't tell a soul.

One secret study haven, however, is out, and, unfortunately, it's over too.

Located in Ruffner Hall, five large secluded rooms with tables and chairs served studying students in the late hours. But the classrooms belong to Information Technology and Communication.

At the start of the spring semester, ITC representatives began locking the classrooms after the last class of the night, which usually ended 10 p.m. ITC made the change because it installed technology equipment, such as ceiling-mounted projectors, to the rooms.

According to Robert H. Pate Jr., associate dean for administrative services at the Education School, ITC is required by the Office of the Provost to lock all rooms with such renovations.

Second-year College student Amy Sharky was disappointed about the security change.

"I found out about this place from word of mouth, and it was the only place that I really got studying done," Sharky said. "Now I feel that I have no where else to go - I am homeless, and Clemons is way too crowded and Alderman closes too early."

Ruffner still houses many smaller seminar rooms that are open to students at later hours.

"The facilities staff assigned to Ruffner Hall have no instructions to lock regular classrooms," Pate said.

Compiled by Daniel Stern


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