Community prepares for Foxfield Races

In an effort to minimize the sometimes dangerous, disrespectful and destructive behavior surrounding the alcohol-enhanced revelry of the annual spring Foxfield Races, event coordinators met with members of the University's Greek community to discuss preventative measures last night.

"We love that the students come to Foxfield," Foxfield Marketing Director Anne Brown said. "Ninety-nine percent of you behave really well."

Brown suggested that Foxfield attendees bring food, water, rain gear and cell phones. She also emphasized the importance of responsible alcohol consumption.

"If you are going to drink a cocktail, drink a cocktail and then drink a glass of water," Brown said.

Underage drinking, however, will not be tolerated, Albemarle County Police Corporeal Glenn Fink said.

According to Fink, American Security Corps, narcotics agents and ABC agents will be patrolling the actual event grounds while Albemarle County police will be patrolling the area surrounding the venue.

Those of legal drinking age attending the event must obtain a wrist band inside the venue in order to drink.

"If you are causing trouble, you will be going to jail," Fink said.

Brown said, however, Foxfield attendees who need medical attention or the assistance of safety officials should not hesitate to seek help in fear of getting in trouble.

"We'd rather have them get help," Brown said. "We are not out to arrest people."

Brown and Fink also emphasized the importance of not drinking and driving to and from Foxfield.

In order to discourage drunk driving, several programs have been established within the community to provide transportation in recent years.

A shuttle service will provide buses to University students departing from Scott Stadium, the Chapel and the Park at the JAG school between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and returning from Foxfield between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. for a cost of $10.

The shuttle services also reduce traffic on the road toward Foxfield as well as other inappropriate behavior, Fink said.

According to Fink, individual parties taking private vehicles to Foxfield have caused a great deal of disturbance in years past. Some have parked their cars, littered and urinated on private property.

"If you are trespassing on property, you will be charged," Fink said.

According to Fink, concerns and complaints of residents surrounding the Foxfield horse grounds regarding the annual event could lead to the termination of Foxfield.

"The event has been in danger of being terminated because of the behavior of students," Fink said.

This year, police on motorcycles and bicycles will be stationed on the road leading to the Foxfield venue.

Foxfield President Benjamin Dick echoed Fink's concern of respecting private property.

"You wouldn't go to President Casteen's house and throw up on his carpet," Dick said.

Additionally, Dick emphasized the real focus of the Foxfield Races, which is oftentimes overlooked by University students -- the horses.

"We are going to have tons of horses," Dick said. "I don't want any more students leaving saying they never saw a horse."

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