It's worth it because of all of you

IT WAS totally worth it. The 25-hour weeks, the late nights, the windowless office, the dining hall/Pav diet, the much-abbreviated workout schedule, the awkwardness after dating a fellow staff member and the pathetic lack of social life compared to friends with more free time. Being a part of this publication by far is the most significant experience I've had at the University. The Cavalier Daily gave me a portfolio of clips, a couple lines for my resume and reporting, writing and leadership skills. Most importantly, however, the CD gave me lasting friendships.

To the CD staff: Thank you for your endless dedication. I am honored to have been part of such an amazing publication. To my News associate class: Thank you for making my first year at the CD so much fun.

To Jon Breece, the glue that holds the News department together: I never knew Lynchburg could be so fun! Thank you for making me laugh harder than anyone I know. To Riley, my coeditor and better half: You have inspired me in so many ways. Thank you for being strong enough to motivate the entire department when times got tough. To Whitney, Health & Sexuality pioneer but an even better EVP: I'm so glad we've become better friends this year. Thank you for scrapbooking and documenting our (shameful and non-shameful) memories.

To Kara, my managing editor/backbone and ride home: I'm sad that we didn't become close until after our terms at the CD ended, but this past semester has been so fun and I know there's much more in store for us in the future. Thank you for your love of beer with lemons and saggy shirts, your honesty and your friendship. To Shannon, my favorite associate, shopping buddy, personal stylist and girl-crush: I'm so glad I met you at the first News department dinner when Whitney, you and I bonded over having boyfriends and not making any friends! While I'm sure our paths would have crossed elsewhere at the University, I'm so glad they crossed in the basement of Newcomb Hall. I love you and, per usual, I'll visit you all the time in New York City via the $35 bus.

Now on to those not on the CD -- or "C-Dizzy," as my friends affectionately call it -- staff. To Elena and Elizabeth, my fabulous roommates and future traveling companions: You are the two best things to ever have come from a bad habit! I am so lucky to have shared my college experience with you. Elena, you are my therapist, financial advisor and personal trainer. You are one of my best friends and I'm happy we've grown so close. Elizabeth, you are my music guru, makeup artist and confidant. You "neith" are one of my best friends and I'm extremely fortunate to have such a selfless and caring person to cross bridges with.

To my family -- Mom, Dad, Rachel and Jason: Thank you for always supporting me in all my decisions -- celebrating with me the rewards and consoling me when faced with consequences.

Four years, dozens of articles and countless memories later, I say goodbye to Mr. Jefferson's University with the knowledge that my time here was well spent.

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