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The times aren't necessarily a-changin'

Recently, the University's Alumni Association hosted its annual Reunions Weekend: the ultimate chance for more than 4,000 devoted alumni to relive memories, catch up with old friends and tease their nostalgic whims by seeing how much things have really "changed" since their time as students.

With the advent of computer technology, multifaceted diversity and architectural expansion, it seems that our predecessors would recognize hardly anything but Jefferson's own Rotunda. Upon closer examination, however, we're really not all that different; the things that make our student body interesting have been consistent throughout the ages.

Naturally, humans are creatures of habit. As such, the University culture we claim to call our own is merely a plethora of historical precedence bound up in pristine orange and blue. Visiting alumni do not merely serve as story-bearers and job contacts; they represent the cultivation of culture, tradition and all of the other little quirks we hold dear at this University.

First and foremost, fashion has not changed a bit. Terrible period haircuts pass and violently radical trends have an insignificant shelf life: The University student body has done and always will do a solid job of maintaining timeless style. Our local staples of fashion -- polos, seersucker, boat shoes, Ray-Bans, you name it