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Giving thanks

Thursday was Veterans Day - a day to remember and thank those who have so valiantly served our nation. It is both a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy and a solemn reminder of the costs those freedoms entail. As a future army officer, I would like to thank the student body as a whole for the tremendous outpouring of support and patriotism exhibited this past week.

On Thursday, more than 800 students stopped by the South Lawn to purchase American flags in honor of veterans, raising more than $4,000 for the Wounded Warriors Project. Nonetheless, what I find even more heartening is that throughout the entire day I heard not one negative comment. Everyone who stopped by, whether they were able to donate or not, was genuinely happy to show support for veterans.

To those students who attended the Veterans Appreciation luncheon on Friday, you will never know how much it meant to those veterans to see young people take the time to sit down and listen to their stories. Our veterans have endured hardships that most of us cannot even begin to fully comprehend and they did it for students just like you and me. They do not expect anything in return for what they have given, but nothing brings them greater fulfillment than to see their fellow citizens, especially the youth of America, take time to show their appreciation. I will forever remember the words of one veteran as he was leaving the luncheon: "There are a lot of long nights for us veterans, but days like today make it all worth it."

Thank you for your support and donations.

Joe Riley\nCLAS II