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Q&A with Monica Wright

Former Cavalier guard discusses WNBA career, perspective on Virginia program

How do you think Virginia will do this season after your departure and being picked to finish 10th in the conference?\nVirginia has an awesome coaching staff that pushes the players to their highest level every day. This is what will keep Virginia at an elite level, and with high-caliber players on the roster like they have now, they will continue to compete at the highest level of the ACC, without a doubt. The team already knows what they need to do. All I would tell them is to continue to believe in themselves and the sky is always the limit for them.

How did playing at Virginia and with coach Debbie Ryan help prepare you for the WNBA?\nCoach Ryan is the type of coach that teaches you how to be a professional on and off the court. She will treat you like an adult, and her expectations are that we represent the University and program respectfully. She never allowed her players to be immature; from day one she made us understand that.

How is everything going in the WNBA thus far?\nThe WNBA was a great experience that I would not have traded for the world. Being on the court with women basketball legends every single day made learning an everyday experience.


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