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New HBO drama confuses viewers

Sports, money and revenge come together with mixed results in HBO's newest drama, Luck, created by Michael Mann and David Milch. Milch's lifelong obsession with horse racing inspires the show's portrayal of the industry both as a recreational activity and a high-stakes business.

The pilot episode opens with the release of Chester "Ace" Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) from a three-year sentence in a federal prison in California. We quickly learn Ace plans to seek revenge against the people who put him in jail. As we watch Ace integrate back into society and the horse racing industry, the show introduces us to a host of habitual track gamblers who scheme their way into making thousands and maybe even millions of dollars on the race while they evade the ever-watchful eye of the IRS. As these central stories of suspense and intrigue play out, the show also follows the off-the-track experiences of the trainer, jockey and horse in preparation for his races.

With all of the different stories happening simultaneously, and my decided lack of horse racing knowledge, I found the show confusing.