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Letter from the editors

Where did tableau go?

Not to worry, readers: we’re still here, but we have decided it’s time for a permanent name change: the Arts & Entertainment section will now be called The-Section-Formerly-Known-As-tableau.
Just kidding.

We are now simply and straightforwardly “Arts & Entertainment.” This move is designed to increase the accessibility and visibility of our section because we believe that what we write about is important. Maybe not Teresa-Sullivan-ouster important, or Barack-Obama-at-the-Downtown-Mall important, but more of the that-new-Taylor-Swift-single-is-so-ridiculously-catchy, How-did-that-movie-win-Best-Picture important.

And to be honest, there is an undeniable, but often under appreciated value, in the latter brand of relevance. The arts and entertainment communities are often the best at bridging cultural gaps: Even the most contentious debates about art tend to bring people together in their passion for the medium, be it film, music, art or otherwise.

Additionally, we are thrilled to be re-launching our daily blog next week, a resource that will keep you up to date on both mainstream and underground entertainment news.

But enough about us. You’re probably already out buying your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, anyway. Carry on.