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Men assault University student at 161 Rugby Road

Four unidentified suspects threaten student at Chi Phi party; armed individual strikes victim

	<p>An armed assault of a University student took place at 161 Rugby Road late Saturday night.</p>

An armed assault of a University student took place at 161 Rugby Road late Saturday night.

Four individuals confronted a male University student at a Chi Phi fraternity party early Sunday morning, according to a University-wide email sent Sunday.

The victim reported that one of the unidentified suspects arrived at the 161 Rugby Road residence by himself, struck the victim in the face and fled into a nearby cab after the student refused to grant him entry into the house.

“We asked if he was a U.Va. student over 21 and he said he wasn’t,” said the victim, who wished to remain unidentified.

Fraternities in the Inter-Fraternity Council typically keep brothers at the door of their houses to regulate the individuals entering their events, and they have the right to refuse entry to their houses, said IFC spokesperson Alex Van Trigt.

Shortly after the suspect fled, he returned with three other individuals who began to shout at the victim.

When the suspects returned, the victim said he “came to tend to what was happening” and he and his fraternity brothers told the suspects not to come onto the property — a warning the suspects ignored.

A witness said that one of the suspects had a handgun in his possession during the altercation, according to the police report. But the victim did not see it.

“I was told someone yelled out ‘handgun!’, and people sprinted back…but I told the cops that I didn’t see [the gun],” the victim said.

The suspects ultimately fled on foot. The victim suffered minor injuries and did not seek medical attention.

University Police Lieut. Melissa Fielding said in an email the department is following up on leads, but no suspects have been charged.

Police are looking for four suspects. The first is described as a “heavy-set black male” sporting a white tank top. The second suspect wore dark pants, a light-colored shirt, and is described as a 20- to 25-year-old thin bald black male. The third suspect, also a black male but with a medium build, wore dark pants and a dark hooded sweatshirt. The fourth suspect is also a black male.