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Prince Harry: A royal pain

This summer has been a relatively quiet one in terms of celebrity scandals, and I blame the Olympics. With everyone obsessing about the brawny but not-so-brainy Ryan Lochte, it’s not a surprise that people couldn’t handle more than the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal (which honestly, did not surprise me in the least). Hence, after the closing ceremonies ended it was only a matter of time before the rumor mill started turning again. And, considering the summer’s London Olympic theme, what better place to start than an English prince’s risqué photo shoot!

Unless you have been living under a rock, it is now common knowledge that our favorite ginger prince has been combating the summer heat with strip poker — and there are photos out there to prove it. Just when I thought the pre-royal wedding photos of Harry in boxers were the closest I would get to seeing the real deal, ta-da — his bare bottom was snapped just a year later! Clearly, this is a case in which “ask and you shall receive” has worked in my favor.

The photos, the first of which depicts the prince looking into the distance while cupping his genitals and the second of which showcases his muscular backside as he hugs another naked girl, were published by TMZ during Harry’s vacation in Las Vegas. Clearly the prince had lost the game of strip billiards, and his fellow partiers snapped photos of Harry in the buff. Once the story hit the press, Harry left Sin City for London, where he probably tried to explain his behavior to not only his father Prince Charles but also his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

This scandal just adds to the list of Harry’s misdemeanors, which include smoking pot, dressing up in a Nazi costume and multiple scuffles with the paparazzi. The gossips will maintain that this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and that his raunchy behavior will no longer be tolerated by his royal relatives. But Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson (fondly known as “Fergie”), as well as his own father Prince Charles and late mother Princess Diana, have been tabloid fodder for years, with their cheating, scandalous divorces, and more recently, corruption.

Although it is obvious that the prince wants to lead a “normal life” and party like so many other wealthy young people, Harry was not born into an average family and therefore should not act as such. He represents not only his family but also his country. Although I am ecstatic to have glimpsed his muscular derriere, I am embarrassed for him and for the greater population of the United Kingdom. It is rather tactless of him to be running around Las Vegas living a life of debauchery on British taxpayer money, and given the current economic situation in Europe, these photos will be especially hard for people to wrap their heads around.

All’s well that ends well though, as Harry has confirmed that he will be making his appearance at the Paralympics as planned before the photos hit the web. In true princely fashion, he is taking this fall in stride and not letting it get in the way of his royal obligations.


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