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Surprise! Kate Middleton is pregnant

Just in time for the end of my semester at the University, my favorite balding prince and his stunning wife have announced they are expecting a royal baby. After Kate was admitted to King Edward VII hospital in London with acute morning sickness, officially known as “hyperemesis gravidarum,” the royal couple was forced to admit the pregnancy, only informing the royal family a few hours before the official announcement. The royal family was overjoyed by the news. So was the rest of world: British Prime Minister David Cameron and other celebrities such as Cheryl Cole immediately took to their Twitters to congratulate the royal couple on their impending bundle of joy.

Although the couple wanted to wait until the Christmas holidays to announce the news to the royal family, Kate’s illness sped the process along. The duchess’ family found out this weekend when, after an appearance at her prep school St. Andrew’s in Berkshire, Middleton was unable to keep any food or drink down at all — a key symptom of hyperemesis gravidarum. The soon-to-be royal uncle, Prince Harry, currently serving in Afghanistan, was notified by email.

Pregnancy gossip has circulated since before Kate and dear William tied the knot, but I had almost given up hope that the two lovebirds would get it together and conceive by the time I graduated from college. But it seems those who sensed a pregnancy after seeing Kate’s new hairstyle (the Dutchess of Cambridge now rocks darker locks with a fringe) were right on the money — she is thought to be about eight weeks in. It could have been a lucky guess by the rumor mill, but the new hairstyle is perfectly timed with the important milestone in the duchess’s life. The couple’s strategic choice of water while attending a gala in Singapore in September was also a hint that Kate was expecting.

The duchess is expected to remain in the hospital for a few days as a precautionary measure. William has been a doting husband, staying with her as she regains her strength. As she’s recovering, the media needs to gear up for the challenge to come: documenting the pregnancy, getting the scoops on potential baby names (which has already begun) and the sex of the royal baby.

I look forward to this baby because it means more members of the royal family to stalk — not only will Kate get to redefine maternity wear as we know it, but I also can’t wait to see what she’s going to do once the child is actually born. The crucial outfit choices (both for her and the baby), how long will it take her to lose the baby weight, the worries that the baby could inherit William’s male pattern baldness if it’s a boy, or even worse, that he could look like his grandfather Charles are only a tiny serving of what Kate will be forced to anticipate now that the baby is on the way. I have faith, though, that in true waity-Katie fashion, she’ll do her prince proud.


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