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Spotlight: Fridays After Five

An eclectic mix of Charlottesville residents gathered for local band The Hill and Wood at the nTelos Pavilion last Friday for the final concert in the Fridays after Five series.

The arts series is a local hit from April to September, drawing families, students and resident hippies to free, weekly concerts with music, food and drinks. The program is in its 26th season, and is notorious for offering a wide variety of musical stylings — ranging from reggae to disco.

The Hill and Wood, who play weekly at Christ Church, proved a little known band can pack big talent when they closed out the summer season this week. Their relaxed and soothing sound was the perfect backdrop for the evening. While some people danced by the stage, other attendees hung back and chatted with friends on the lawn and overflowed into the mall.

The Pavilion’s architecture — making the stage a utopian bubble under a billowing roof — helped make the whole evening idyllic. Hula hoopers lined one side of the stage while kids frolicked up and down the hill on the other side. Occasionally, a Frisbee would be accidentally thrown into the crowd before somebody in the audience would playfully toss it back.

As we bid adieu to Fridays after Five until next April, I find myself anxiously awaiting its return next year.