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​LETTER: Let the Good Ol’ Song speak for itself

When I was attending the University, I would roll my eyes at those students who would yell "not gay!" during the Good Ol’ Song. I thought then, as I do now, that it was homophobic and immature. Now, however, the students have changed that chant to "f--- Tech.” I find this totally reprehensible, and an insult to the traditions of the University of being gentlemen and women and winning with class and dignity.

Why would we elevate another school to the point of mentioning them in our fight song? Why would we lower ourselves to using profanity? Do our current students not have the ability to discern what is appropriate and dignified?

If you are a student, please stop this immature practice immediately. There is no room for such things in the fine tradition of the University. Please don't try to excuse it by saying, "It's a rivalry and we're just having fun" — there are ways to stick it to Tech and our other rivals, like the Tar Heels and the Blue Devils, without using profanity or disgracing our centuries-old alma mater.

I humbly suggest, if you must chant something after the "where all is bright and gay" line of the Good Ol’ Song, that you chant "go Hoos!" instead. Support your team and University.

Roy Thigpen

CLAS ’94