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8 U.Va. community members reflect: what are you thankful for?

<p>The University has consistently held a position on the Princeton Review’s list since the first publication in 2003.</p>

The University has consistently held a position on the Princeton Review’s list since the first publication in 2003.

November is the time of the year when people acknowledge the friends, family and good fortune for which they are most grateful. We asked eight students and community members what they are thankful for this fall.

1. Laura Alan, first-year College student

“I’m definitely thankful for my hallmates, and the community that we have in our dorm. I know that if it wasn’t for our hallmates, and if it wasn’t for our RA, things would probably be very difficult, especially at the beginning of my first year. When I’ve had tough times, or when we’re up at 3 a.m. studying, or just goofing around, I can always count on them. We’re always in each other’s rooms. They’re kind of like your mini-family here at U.Va. I definitely love them.”

2. Emily Bisaillon, fourth-year College student

“I’m thankful for the support system that I’ve had for the past couple of years and for the service that my father has given to our country. He served for 23 years in the Navy.”

3. Staci Taheri, University Dining Staff

“I’m thankful to have a home and a job. Not many people have either of those things, really. A lot of people are looking for that stability, but they just don’t have their own home.”

4. Kenny Fassel, fourth-year College student

“I’m thankful for the Grounds-wide WiFi. It’s great. You can just sit in Starbucks in Nau-Gibson and just check ESPN or Collab, and you can do that anywhere, you can sit on the Lawn and do that. It’s awesome.”

5. Irena Huang, first-year College student

“I’m really thankful for the cashiers at In the Nood. I go there frequently, and they always make me feel better. They’re always really happy, even though you might not be the friendliest to them. They’re always supportive, and they pretty much just embody kind spirits.”

6. Takira Stinnie, O’Hill Cashier

“I’m thankful for my child. His name is Legend. He made me a better person. Without him I probably wouldn’t be here. He made me more responsible.”

7. Nandan Srinivasa, first-year College student

“I’m thankful for the great community of people I live with in my dorm. In my dorm, everybody is unique in some way, and it’s really neat how everybody fits together and interacts with each other on a daily basis.”

8. Becca Pearson, second-year College student

“I am thankful for the close-knit U.Va. community. I’m amazed by how kind and welcoming everyone is. I am a transfer student, actually…I’m originally from Oregon, and I went to school in Southern California, so I don’t know many people here and I didn’t coming in. Everyone has been super welcoming and gracious, and I felt truly more at home here than I have anywhere else, and certainly [more] than I did last year, and I honestly don’t think I could have made a better decision than choosing U.Va. for my transfer.”