Cavalier Daily elects 127th staff

Third-year College student Dani Bernstein to serve as editor-in-chief


From left to right: Jasmine Oo was elected to Operations Manager, Nazar Aljassar to Executive Editor, Dani Bernstein to Editor-in-Chief, Lianne Provenzano to Chief Financial Officer and Kayla Eanes to Managing Editor.

Celina Hu | Cavalier Daily

The Cavalier Daily held elections for its 127th term on Saturday. Four of the five managing board positions were filled by students who had previously served on either the paper’s managing or junior board.

Third-year College student Dani Bernstein was elected editor-in-chief in a contested election. She has served as executive editor over the last year and was a senior associate in the Opinion section before that. Bernstein said she envisions a two-part strategy going forward.

“Over the next year we really need to focus on internal improvements and increasing staff ownership over the paper, as well as external expansion that can keep us relevant to the student body and keep us financially stable,” Bernstein said. “I’m looking forward to the next year and seeing the ideas our staff has to offer.”

Third-year College student Kayla Eanes, who has served as senior associate news editor for the past year, was elected managing editor in an uncontested election. As managing editor, she will oversee all of the paper’s non-opinion literary content, as well as social media and video.

Eanes said she hopes to revamp literary content, emphasizing a more analytic style while maintaining objectivity in articles. She said she would also like to strengthen the paper’s place as an expression of the student body.

“As a student newspaper, we are here to cover the stories students themselves are interested in,” Eanes said. “We also have a unique position to provide a voice and perspective on issues that are directly affecting us.”

Opinion writer and third-year College student Nazar Aljassar was elected executive editor and will oversee the paper’s opinion content. He will also lead the newly-introduced editorial board, a group that will produce a lead editorial three times weekly. Previously, the managing board was responsible for the lead editorials of the paper.

Aljassar said he hopes to continue with many of the changes Bernstein introduced over the last year during her time as executive editor.

“One of the big things I am working to implement is the editorial board to further distinguish the paper’s objective coverage and subjective content,” Aljassar said. “I hope to continue Dani’s work and keep reaching out to other voices in the University community.”

Third-year Batten student Lianne Provenzano will serve her third term on the paper’s managing board as the new chief financial officer. She has served as operations manager for two terms, since January 2014. As CFO, Provenzano will manage the Cavalier Daily’s financial and marketing sections.

In addition to improving the paper’s financial security, Provenzano said she would like to cultivate closer staff dynamics.

“I think the first step should be working on a positive organizational culture,” Provenzano said. “We can’t be as good as we can be without a staff who feels passionate about the process.”

Jasmine Oo, a third-year Architecture student, will serve as the new operations manager. Oo previously served as one of three Production editors. As operations manager, Oo will be responsible for the paper’s design, photo and online operations.

“I see more potential in print production and I’m really excited to design the reader experience,” Oo said.

Editor-in-Chief Julia Horowitz, a College fourth-year, said she is extremely confident in the newly elected managing and junior boards.

“The past year has been one of immeasurable growth for this paper,” Horowitz said. “We’re no longer thinking five minutes but five years ahead, and the new board has a vision for that future.”

Elections for the paper’s junior board were mostly uncontested, with many senior staff members stepping into editing positions.

Second-year College students and copy associate editors Mike Reingold and Jane Diamond were elected assistant managing editors.

Second-year College student Hannah Hall and first-year College student Tim Dodson were elected News editors. Hall was previously an associate editor in the News section and Dodson was a senior writer.

Second-year College student Hasan Khan will join incumbent third-year College student Gray Whisnant as Opinion editor.

Third-year College student Allie Jensen, who was previously a Life editor for two terms, was elected Focus editor.

Second-year College student Kristin Murtha and third-year College student Margaret Mason were elected Life editors. Third-year College student Candace Carter and second-year College student Noah Zeidman were elected as Arts and Entertainment editors.

Fourth-year College student Matt Wurzburger, third-year Commerce student Robert Elder and third-year College student Jacob Hochberger were elected as Sports editors.

Second-year College students Danielle Dacanay and Charlotte Bemiss and second-year Engineering student Sean Cassar were elected Production editors.

Second-year College student Celina Hu and second-year Engineering student Lauren Hornsby were elected Photo editors and second-year College student Courtney Stith was elected Video editor.

Third-year College student Patrick Thedinga was elected Humor editor and third-year College student Meg Thornberry was re-elected for a third term as Health and Science Editor.

Cindy Guo, second-year College student, Kriti Sehgal and Kate Motsko were elected Graphics editors. Third-year College students Malory Smith and Miska Chehata were elected Social Media managers.

Grant Parker and Andrew Lee were elected Marketing and Business managers, and Leo Dominguez will manage the Online section.

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