Mallory and Dominick

Love at Lemongrass?



Year: Third

Major: Finance

U.Va. Involvement: Inter-Sorority Council, Third Year Council, Delta Zeta, Smart Woman Securities

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

Ideal date personality: Enjoys food ’n’ fun!

Ideal date activity: Food ’n’ fun

Dealbreakers?: Unwillingness to laugh at self

Hobbies: Petting dogs I see on the street and over-caffeinating myself

What makes you a good catch?: My five-star Uber rating

What makes you less-than-a-perfect catch?: Still don’t know how to use an “indoor voice”

Describe a typical weekend: Hanging out with pals, maximizing Charlottesville Instagram opportunities, Alderman Library (home sweet home!)

What is your spirit animal?: Taylor Swift (spirit human)

What is your favorite pick-up line?: “Are you a Founding Father because you’re a HamilTEN”

Describe yourself in one sentence: Gluten-loving life enthusiast

Mallory and Dominick met on Friday at 6 p.m. and went to Lemongrass.

Mallory: I signed up for Love Connection because I thought it would be a funny experience to try during college. I thought it was funny that I got chosen because I had never been on a blind date before. I expected to get a good story out of it.

Dominick: I signed up because I wanted to try something new. I was excited. I thought it would be a fun adventure. I had never been on a blind date before so I tried to not have any expectations and to keep an open mind.

Mallory: I went up to him when I got to the Rotunda, introduced myself, and we started walking towards the Corner.

Dominick: I was walking toward the bench and saw that she was right behind me. She asked if I was doing Love Connection, and then we went off to have dinner.

Mallory: He seemed really nice and friendly. I asked him if there was anywhere on the Corner that he’d want to eat at, and we picked Lemongrass.

Dominick: She was very outgoing and bubbly — overall a very friendly person. She definitely seemed nice. I started naming off places and she said she hadn’t been to Lemongrass in a long time and wanted to go back so we picked it.

Mallory: I definitely felt like I was leading the conversation at times, but he was really nice about it! We talked about where we grew up, our U.Va. involvements, stuff like that. I wouldn’t say it was awkward.

Dominick: It was pretty balanced. I think she asked more questions than I did. It wasn’t really awkward. There may have been a few awkward pauses but that’s pretty normal when you don’t know the person. We didn’t have too much in common — she’s in a sorority and I’m not in Greek life, she does spin and I do running and yoga, etc. We did talk a lot about our different interests and what we like doing on the weekends.

Mallory: We didn’t have much in common but we talked about our time abroad because he went to Edinburgh last semester and I went to Valencia last summer.

Dominick: It was definitely more of a friend vibe. I might run into her somewhere and I’d be down to chill as friends.

Mallory: I thought it was very cordial, friendly and collegial. It was just like meeting a new friend. He’s an interesting person to know as a friend and to see around Grounds.

Dominick: We split the check and walked home. We both said it was fun and nice to meet.

Mallory: He offered to pay but I wanted to split the check. We kind of live near each other so we walked back in the same direction.

Dominick: I would rate it a 7.

Mallory: I’ll give it a 7, it was a good experience.

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