Amelia and Armando

Matching ratings for new friends


Year: Fourth

Major: Foreign Affairs

U.Va. Involvement: Theta Chi Fraternity, U.Va. Football Recruiting

Hometown: Southlake, Texas

Ideal date personality: Funny, intelligent, social, spontaneous

Ideal date activity: Brewery, concert, or riding on horseback into the sunset

Dealbreakers?: Complains too much, close-minded, fake

Describe a typical weekend: Watching football, doing homework, trying to sneak in a few Netflix episodes and going out

Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies/tv, hugging puppies

What makes you a good catch?: I’ve been told I’m good at listening, and I have a killer smile.

What makes you a less-than-perfect catch?: I’ll forget the names of all your friends the moment I meet them, and I am lacking a bit in the tallness department.

What is your spirit animal?: Mongoose

What is your favorite pick-up line?: Do you believe in love at first sight … or should I walk by again?

Describe yourself in one sentence: Pretty chill.

Amelia and Armando met on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. and went to The Virginian on the Corner.

Amelia: I had signed up for Love Connection because I have friends who had done it before, and they told me it would be fun.

Armando: I was encouraged to sign up by a Cavalier Daily writer. I thought it would be a great way of meeting a new person.

Amelia: When I found out I was chosen, I was excited because I was looking forward to meeting a new person. I haven’t been on a blind date before, so I thought it would be a fun time to get to know someone else. I didn’t think it would be a serious experience, but it would be a nice experience to meet someone new.

Armando: I was excited and really looking forward to it. It was the first time I had been set up on a blind date, so I went in with an open mind, despite not knowing what to expect or who I was meeting.

Amelia: I got there first and sat down on one of the benches by the Rotunda. I just hung out for a bit until he came and met me. I was actually relieved when he walked up because he seemed like a good guy and a nice person.

Armando: When I first got there, she was already there. I walked up and introduced myself, we talked for a little bit, and I asked where she wanted to go. She suggested [the Virginian], and we went and headed over there. My first impression was that she was very cool and really easy to talk to. From that point onwards, I knew it was going to be fun.

Amelia: The conversation was awesome and really consistent. There weren’t any awkward lulls, and we were both talking equally about our similar interests and mutual friends. It was really fun.

Armando: The conversation was pretty balanced and never really got awkward. It helped that we had mutual friends because that kept the conversation going. We talked about background information about ourselves and our plans for the future.

Amelia: He’s a foreign affairs major, and I’m a history major, so we talked about how he was taking the first history classes he’s ever taken at U.Va. We also talked about how I had to borrow a friend’s car to go to the chiropractor because a truck hit me in February.

Armando: She had mentioned that she was hit by a truck earlier this year, which I thought was crazy. At one point, one of my friends showed up, sat down and started talking to us for a few minutes before he realized we were on a date.

Amelia: I would say it was more of a friend vibe, but I could see myself hanging out with him again or running into each other in the future.

Armando: It was more of a friend vibe, but I would definitely hang out with her again in the future — she was really cool.

Amelia: He paid — he was a gentleman, and he was very nice. I had to go study for a midterm, so he walked me to Beta Bridge and made sure I got home safe.

Armando: I walked her back to Lambeth and then went home — we exchanged numbers.

Amelia: I’d give it a 9. It was a natural, easy-going dinner and a very easy conversation.

Armando: I would give it a 9.

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