Why Emma Stone should win Best Actress

Actress shows multi-talented skill set in 'La La Land'


Emma Stone's acting in "La La Land" is entertaining and powerful, the true choice for Best Actress.

Emma Stone does it all — and does it well. She has starred in a Broadway musical, has performed in hits like “Birdman” and “The Help” and she has played in a variety of roles, including a recovering addict, a rebellious high schooler and the love interest of Spider-Man — all to successful reviews and adoring audiences.

Her latest role is no different in its standout quality, though an Oscar nomination for Best Actress came along with it. As Mia in this year’s Oscar and fan favorite “La La Land,” Stone showcased her diverse capabilities and should be the winner of the award.

“La La Land” demanded more of its actors than any other nominated film of 2016. On top of delivering solid performances, the actors danced in different styles and performed everything from ballads to jazz songs. Stone proved more than capable of accomplishing these tasks while simultaneously bringing a dynamic and relatable character to life. Her interactions with Ryan Gosling’s character only enhance the characterization, resulting in a beautifully watchable duo.

In novel films like “La La Land,” portraying a memorable character can be an obstacle. Many actors fail to give their characters strong personalities and end up relying on unoriginal stereotypes. Thankfully, Stone did not fall prey to any of these traps. The Mia she created is multi-faceted and — regardless of her vast array of talent ― human. She left audiences hooked on the authenticity of her story despite the fantastical qualities of the film.

Ultimately, Stone has clearly proven herself worthy of the title of Best Actress by surpassing the tough demands set by “La La Land” through an engaging, grounded screen presence. As one of the most memorable performances of the year, Stone is a shoo-in for the award.

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