MisterWives deliver impressive performance in Memorial Gym

NYC-based indie pop band performs with energy, passion


Misterwives performed at Memorial Gymnasium Friday as part of UPC's Springfest.

Abigail Gillardi | Cavalier Daily

The usually dust-covered Memorial Gymnasium was transformed into a sprawling concert hall Friday evening as the up-and-coming indie pop band MisterWives gave an intimate yet electrifying performance for students.

Memorial Gym has a rich musical history. Throughout the years, the gym has served as a venue for celebrated performers like jazz icon Duke Ellington and soul vocalist Ray Charles. MisterWives added to the gym’s remarkable musical tradition Friday, gathering an impressive crowd of students into a sweaty cluster on the gym floor as a part of the University Programs Council’s Springfest.

MisterWives, which began as a simple ‘80s cover band, is a six-person group based out of New York City. Led by singer Mandy Lee’s powerful soprano vocals, the band offers an interesting spin on the indie pop genre. The fusion of Lee’s unique voice, saxophone riffs and blaring trumpets contributes to a new and striking sound — one that sent students into a dancing frenzy Friday.

The group channeled tremendous energy during their performance, perhaps best exhibited by Lee’s constant movement and passionate dancing. The band also offered a memorable set, including a wide range of their original music as well as interesting renditions of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper and “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper. The band demonstrated musical precision and mastery, ranging from spot-on vocals to tightly executed arrangements.

Since MisterWives first got on the map with the release of its 2014 EP “Reflections,” the band’s popularity has exploded. In addition to releasing its debut album “Our Own House” in 2015, the band has gained notoriety by opening for major acts on tour, including Panic! at the Disco and 21 Pilots. Previously, the band has landed the number one spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart and was nominated as an “Artist to Watch” at the mtvU Woodie Awards. The University was lucky enough to catch a performance from the band during what appears to be the upswing of its career.

MisterWives is set to release their next album “Connect the Dots” May 19 and have planned a cross country tour to accompany the event. As the band makes its next step in the pursuit of big-name status, they remain appreciative of the fans who helped propel their careers. Friday, Lee noted how grateful she was to have the opportunity to perform in a smaller, more personal venue where she could see concert-goers’ faces as they danced and sang along. The intimate atmosphere of Friday night’s concert will be something students and band members alike remember for years to come.

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