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LCD Soundsystem returns with two new singles

Instant hits tease upcoming LP

<p>LCD Soundsystem returns with&nbsp;“call the police” and “american dream.”</p>

LCD Soundsystem returns with “call the police” and “american dream.”

LCD Soundsystem has triumphantly returned with essentially its first new music since 2010 — let’s face it, no one listened to that Christmas song. Led by virtuoso frontman James Murphy, the group has released two new singles together as a “double A-side” titled “call the police” and “american dream.” These singles fill a void created after LCD Soundsystem’s supposed disbandment in 2011 — picking right back up where it left off in a genre and style that seemingly no one has been able to replicate in their absence.

LCD Soundsystem’s “farewell” concert was filmed back in 2011 and was subtitled “The Very Loud Ending to LCD Soundsystem.” With that in mind, “call the police” can be considered the very loud resurrection of the group. The first single of the two may not be the “lead” single, per se, but it certainly stands out of the pair as the band’s quintessential sound. The customary steady, driving bass and drums — peppered with tasty synths — are present. However, per usual, the real lead instrument in this track Murphy’s voice, as he grabs the listener’s attention and pulls them into the music and lyrics — making one wish the seven-minute song was even longer.

“Well there’s a full-blown rebellion but you’re easy to confuse / By triggered kids and fakers and some questionable views,” Murphy sings, anxiously observing the world that LCD Soundsystem has returned to.

LCD Soundsystem is certainly not one-dimensional musically, though, and “american dream” represents the flip side of their musical coin. Backed by layers of ethereal synths, Murphy leads the listener into what sounds like a new-age waltz. The lyrics seem to describe meaningless relationships and empty feelings, perhaps coming up short in longing for the “american dream.” This is certainly not Murphy’s first take on sadness or loneliness, though he did describe himself while writing these songs as “the happiest [he’s] ever been making a record.”

In the end, the most exciting part about these songs is that they are only the preview of the upcoming LP. In Murphy’s Facebook post that announced the songs, he said, “There is a lot of new music — much more than I usually have.” Thus, after waiting awhile for these two songs, it looks like LCD Soundsystem fans will be spoiled in 2017.