We’ve ‘cracked’ the code for a delicious breakfast

Who cooks the best eggs in Charlottesville?


Really, wherever you end up, you can’t go wrong with a plate of eggs and toast.  

Sadie Goodman | Cavalier Daily

Eggs are a central element of every shopping list. They’re versatile, cheap and delicious. You can have your eggs fried, baked, hard boiled, over easy — there are so many ways to enjoy this simple dish. I ate a lot of eggs back home, and I found myself missing that component of my daily breakfast when I arrived here at the University. Yes, they have “eggs” at Newcomb, Runk and O-Hill, but I soon found myself craving more than the same scrambled and hard boiled styles day after day. I knew I was minutes away from delicious egg filled breakfasts — I just had to find them.

1. To remind myself once more what I was trying to escape, I had breakfast at O-Hill. It was, as I’ve come to expect, good but not great. They weren’t the farm-fresh eggs and savory, crispy breakfast potatoes I was craving. The O-Hill breakfast bar satisfied any essential need for nutrition, but could not satiate my passion for great flavor.

2. The first stop on my journey beyond the realm of the dining halls was Bodo’s Bagels. Bodos is one of Charlottesville’s most iconic restaurants with it’s cheap, filling sandwiches, scrumptious salads and smooth, flavorful assortment of cream cheeses. I ordered a plain bagel with egg, tomato and muenster cheese. The bagel was warm, soft and delicious, providing the perfect base for the egg and other ingredients. The egg at Bodos has a good texture — it tastes like a real egg and has a much better consistency than the scrambled egg options available in the dining halls. A filling, warm and delicious sandwich for under six dollars — including a large lemonade — is hard to beat.

3. On a lazy, dreary Sunday morning, when Café Caturra and Fig have lines out the door, where else are you to turn for a delicious, filling plate of eggs and toast? The College Inn, of course! The service was quick. The menu was not at all dull and the food was delicious. The College Inn has the concept of a greasy plate of eggs and potatoes down to a science. The eggs were perfectly over easy, the toast was crisp and the potatoes had excellent texture and flavor. This breakfast satisfied all my cravings and left me with a smile on my face.

4. My Tuesday morning took a turn for the better when I paid a visit to The Pigeon Hole. This picturesque blue building is perched in the middle of Elliewood Avenue. I stopped in one morning before class and enjoyed a delicious plate of — you guessed it — eggs! The Pigeon Hole offers the most diverse selection of egg dishes of all the places on this list. The menu even had a section describing the cooking styles of eggs they offer — a nice touch for an indecisive customer. I ordered my typical plate of two eggs over easy with wheat toast. The eggs were delightful, the yolk soft and runny but the white fully set — a perfect over easy egg. The toast was excellent as well. Overall, the Pigeon Hole exceeded my expectations, and I truly enjoyed my meal. 

This egg-citing adventure pushed me to explore the various breakfast options available on in Charlottesville. There’s no need to power through Newcomb eggs day after day — no need to consume the hardboiled eggs from O-Hill if you desire more. The Pigeon Hole is the fanciest of the four, but it can be a bit pricey. Bodos is reliable, quick and delicious every time. For a classic breakfast that gives the most bang for your buck, I’d head to The College Inn. But really, wherever you end up, you can’t go wrong with a plate of eggs and toast. 

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