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Zinburger — finding burger Zen

The perfect restaurant to satisfy any burger craving

Burger from Zinburger 

If you’re in the mood for a classic all-American meal, Zinburger has got you covered. Nothing screams comfort food like a nice, juicy burger with a side of fries and a shake for dessert. Located in the Barracks Road Shopping Center on Emmet Street, it is just a quick bus ride from Central Grounds.

The first sign of quality service appeared before I even entered the restaurant. The door was held open for me by the hostess, offering a cheerful welcome as I entered. This was an unexpected gesture that is not found at many other restaurants, and I especially appreciated it with the brisk winter air.

After being seated, I considered the many appealing options on the menu. Any burger you could possibly want and more is available to order, and for a reasonable price. The burgers varied from your classic “The Plain & Simple Burger,” to more unique variations such as the “Clint’s ‘Almost Famous’ Veggie Burger.”

For an extra $5, diners could upgrade each burger to Kobe Style, a type of beef that is tender and lean. Also available is an angus beef and prime rib blended patty for “The French Dip” burger.

I decided on the “Blanco Burger” with a side of sweet potato waffle fries and a strawberry lemonade to drink. The strawberry lemonade was delicious — it was clearly fresh with a perfectly ripe strawberry floating at the top. The strawberry flavor was not too overwhelming, however, and mixed perfectly with the sweet lemonade.

Next up was the burger. The glistening, golden bun was a beautiful sight. It was a giant burger so I definitely got my money’s worth. My first bite was heaven — the meat was so tender it basically melted in my mouth. The other toppings — pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, lettuce and chipotle mayo — were just as enjoyable as the patty itself. Upon first sight I thought that the prospect of eating the entire burger was ridiculous, but I impressed myself with my ability to demolish almost all of it. However, they do provide handy to-go boxes just the right size in case a burger is too much to handle in one sitting.

The sweet potato fries were probably the best I have ever had. They were crisp to perfection, while maintaining a soft center. The sweet potato fries also came with a yogurt dipping sauce and maple dipping sauce. Both tasted good, although I prefer to dip my fries in ketchup.

Finally, to finish off my meal I decided to order the Butterfinger shake. Already filled to the top with my burger and fries, I impressed myself yet again by drinking almost the entire shake. It was made of vanilla ice cream, Ghirardelli chocolate, peanut butter and pieces of Butterfinger candies. The shake was super thick and creamy, with chunks of Butterfinger in each peanut-buttery sip, and was topped with a perfect dollop of whipped cream covered in Butterfinger crumbles.

The atmosphere of Zinburger was very open and modern. The far right wall was covered in mirrors giving it a larger feel, and the other wall was covered in paintings of cows. There were many televisions along the walls and above the bar playing the latest Cavalier games in various sports.

Zinburger had excellent service and even more excellent food. It will definitely be my new go-to spot the next time a burger or shake craving strikes.