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2018’s most anticipated movies, music

Keep these standouts on the radar this year

One of the best parts about the New Year is that it’s a completely blank slate. The arrival of 2018 marks the opportunity for artists and writers to release and create new bodies of work. There is a lot to look forward to in the arts and entertainment industries for this year. Here are four of the most anticipated arts and entertainment events awaiting us in 2018.  

“The Incredibles 2:” Ever since the release of “The Incredibles” in 2004, one of Pixar’s best-received movies of all time, parents and kids alike have been anxiously awaiting its sequel. After 14 years, the wait is finally over — “Incredibles 2” is coming out this year. The masterminds behind the superhero family’s adventures have had over a decade to come up with a stellar plot, so moviegoers’ expectations will be high. 

Though this sequel will be marketed toward the little ones, it goes without saying that the movie theater seats are going to be filled with college students who grew up on the original. The film will be released this summer, in perfect time for all of the elementary school kids to beg their parents to take them to a movie on a hot summer’s day — and the University kids will be right there with them. 

“Incredibles 2” is written and directed by Brad Bird, who also created the original. This brings to mind questions about the plot, which as of yet is still mostly a mystery. Will evil villain Syndrome make a comeback? How is Jack-Jack doing these days? Mark your calendars for June 15 to find out. 

Cardi B’s new album: The rise of Cardi B as a prominent female rapper has been abrupt and unprecedented. She consistently leaves the world wondering — where exactly did she come from? Her mysterious climb to fame is attributed to singles such as “Bodak Yellow” and “Bartier Cardi." It is unclear how well a whole album from the artist will fare, but Billboard names Cardi B’s anticipated album on their list of “Billboard’s 40 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018.” 

The mystery surrounding Cardi B’s sudden prominence is what makes the release of her new album so exciting — the audience doesn’t know what to expect. Perhaps this new release will reveal more about her story, her rise to fame or just her life in general. Much is still unknown — the rapper has yet to reveal a release date or even a title. The success of this album will decide if her newfound fame is temporary or if her name at the top of the charts is here to stay.

Comeback of the Spice Girls: Also in 2018, legendary pop group the Spice Girls are planning on making a comeback. According to an article on, the entire group has decided to come together for a 2018 album release and TV special. The article also notes that the group hasn’t played together since 2012, when they performed at the 2012 Olympics in London. 

The tricky thing about reunions, and this one in particular, is that every member of the group has changed significantly. Naturally, so will their collective sound. It will be interesting to see if the group attempts to emulate songs of the past or if they take a more current approach to the endeavor. Will the new album contain a sound similar to the music they created a few decades ago? Regardless of the new material’s quality, diehard Spice Girls fans are sure to enjoy this reunion.

“Black Panther:” Another movie to look forward to in 2018 is Marvel’s newest feature “Black Panther.” Based on the Marvel comic character of the same name, the plot centers on a king with superpowers who leads an African nation. 

Advance ticket sales have already shown how interested audiences are in the new movie. A “Salon” article highlights that even before its release date, “Black Panther” has already set a record for Marvel movie advance ticket sales, surpassing 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.” 

If the anticipation is any indication of the quality of the movie itself, “Black Panther” seems like it will thrill eager Marvel comic junkies as well as action film fans. Directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Chadwick Boseman, “Black Panther” hits theaters Feb. 16.