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Relax to A&E’s favorite ‘chill out’ tracks

Apr. 19 is famous for a reason

<p>Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's classic "Nuthin' but a G Thang" is a prime example of the kind of "chill out" tracks you can find on this Arts and Entertainment playlist.</p>

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's classic "Nuthin' but a G Thang" is a prime example of the kind of "chill out" tracks you can find on this Arts and Entertainment playlist.

It’s April 19, and we all know what that means — National Bicycle Day, Dutch-American Friendship Day and Garlic Day. With such a menagerie of beloved holidays, it’s vital to have the proper playlist. The Arts and Entertainment Staff has compiled the perfect “chill out” playlist, for when the combination of National Bicycle Day, Dutch-American Friendship Day and Garlic Day just gets too overwhelming. 

And who knows — maybe you’ll like it so much, you’ll listen to it on Friday, too. Not that this Friday is anything special.

“Sentimental Trash,” by Sweet Valley 

Sometimes, words just get in the way. Some of the best chill-out songs are instrumentals, like this trippy track. Featuring simple piano chords and weird electronic chirps looped on top of one another, “Sentimental Trash” makes you chill out in the wildest way possible.

– Dan Goff

“Nuthin’ but a G Thang,” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg 

“Nuthin’ but a G Thang” is the definition of chill. With its laid-back beat, woozy synthesizers and the mellow flows by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, the track makes you want to roll down your windows and take a slow drive down to the beach. Hip-hop like this just isn’t made anymore. 

– Jason Reynolds

“Only Memories Remain,” by My Morning Jacket 

Smooth, beach-y, R&B-y. If you don't usually “chill out,” this song will make you want to. With strong bass lines and dreamy lyrics, you can finally be your bitter, misty-eyed and reflective relative who peaked in 1973. Released in 2015, “Only Memories Remain” will make you nostalgic about memories you didn't even know you had.

– Jackie Leary

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” by The Beatles 

A delightful, dreamy track which will have you flying high into The Beatles’ imagination — featuring a “girl with kaleidoscope eyes” and “rocking horse people [who] eat marshmallow pies” — for an out-of-body listen to a classic.

Jessica Sommerville

“Gooey,” by Glass Animals 

Glass Animals is undoubtedly one of the chillest bands out there, and “Gooey” encapsulates that spirit impeccably. Relax into lead singer Dave Bayley’s soothing voice with a hint of childhood nostalgia, and feel those “peanut butter vibes.”

– Thomas Roades

“Lava Ground,” by I Wayne 

With this fun Rasta tune, I Wayne carries the listener on a wave of head-bobbing groove. You'll be singing along before you know the words. Also, what says April 19 better than reggae music?
– Ian McConaughy Williams

“All I Wanna Do,” by The Beach Boys 

Sit back, relax and "chill out" to this before-its-time oddity produced during Brian Wilson's haziest years. Released in 1970, this song's faded, washed-out sound would feel right at home on a Toro y Moi album. Layered with dreamy synths and psychedelic overdubs, this track is perfect for those moments when you find yourself staring out a window for no good reason.

– Joseph Riley

“Wander,” by Tame Impala 

At this point, we all know just how good Tame Impala is at creating the "chill-out" vibe with their music, but it's easy to forget some of their classics from years back. “Wander” is exactly what it sounds like — a psychedelic jam that noodles around until the journey is complete.
– Max Russ

“Purple Haze,” by Jimi Hendrix 

The dreaded GPA crash of finals week looms ever nearer. Take a moment to let out some of that tension by tuning in to Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” The even tone of his voice and lyricism slows your brain down, while the upbeat guitar strumming and strong bassline speeds you up just enough to melt the stress out of your shoulders. Even if you “don’t know if it’s day or night,” Jimi Hendrix will have you flying free enough to kiss the sky.

– Kate Granuth

“Back Pocket,” by Vulfpeck 

This song is a great song to get chill to, because it's groovy and casual, yet the vocals are high-energy and fun. Vulfpeck is always a good call for when you're chilling.

– Riley Timmer

“Tangerine,” by Led Zeppelin 

One of the deeper tracks from the 1970s rock band’s third album, this song is the quintessential “wish I still had her, now I don’t” track. It opens with one of the most relaxing guitar sequences and eclipses most of their other songs by its simple capacity of letting loose and placing the enchanting rhythm of John Bonham’s drums in the forefront. It’s completely underrated and accompanies a hazy afternoon perfectly.

– Elliot Van Noy

“Grass,” by XTC 

Even apart from the low-hanging euphemism of that title, this gentle, gorgeous summer jam is the perfect tune to put on loop during a sunny afternoon. There’s something delightfully goofy about the way Colin Moulding rhymes “fire” with a drawled “desire” and somehow manages to make it work, and the psychedelic swell of strings that kick in during the song’s intro and outro — accompanied by ambient bird chirps, no less! — make “Grass” rank among producer Todd Rundgren’s most wondrous arrangements. 

– Aline Dolinh


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