Judge orders key white supremacist leader to court on civil contempt

Kline is a defendant in the case against Unite the Right organizers, which will go to trial in October 2020

Judge Moon issued a written opinion Wednesday detailing Kline's failure to comply with court orders.

Judge Norman Moon ruled Nov. 25 that Unite the Right rally organizer Elliott Kline, a prominent white supremacist also known as Eli Mosley, was found in contempt of court. Kline is one of 21 defendants implicated in the lawsuit Sines v. Kessler, filed by Charlottesville community members who were victims of the rallies.

Moon noted in the written order issued Wednesday, Nov. 27 that Kline had disobeyed seven court orders and did not comply with demands to present relevant materials. The court has ordered that Kline turn over his email account passwords and access to his three cell phones.

“Kline’s long-running practice of trying to duck his obligations to the Court and to Plaintiffs in this case must come to an end,” the opinion stated. 

The court issued a monetary punishment of $200 each day Kline fails to comply after Dec. 2. If Kline fails to comply by his Dec. 16 hearing date, he will face jail time.

Kessler and Kline helped organize the violent Unite the Right rallies of Aug. 11 and 12, 2017. Both are leaders of Identity Evropa, an alt-right, white-nationalist organization. On Tuesday, Moon set an Oct. 26, 2020 jury-trial date for the lawsuit against the rally organizers.

In a statement Wednesday, co-lead counsel for the upcoming trial said it will show “how massive, how coordinated, and how dangerous” the violence committed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and hate groups at the rallies truly was.

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