Love Connection: Stephanie and Kyle

Stephanie and Kyle met at Kung Fu Tea Tuesday


“It was super cool to find somebody who did not think I was weird for wanting to solo travel and go to weird places.”

Courtesy Kyle Kelly and Stephanie Landas

Stephanie Landas: fourth-year College student

Dream job: Getting paid to travel 

Childhood hero: Luna Lovegood

If you could describe yourself as an album or movie title, real or made up, what would it be?: A Moment Apart

Deal breakers: Someone who treats disliking things as a personality trait

Kyle Kelly: fourth-year Architecture student 

Dream job: Anthony Bourdain but still alive

Childhood hero: Pope Benedict 

If you could describe yourself as an album or movie title, real or made up, what would it be?: Take Me Home, Country Roads

Deal breakers: Vegans and communists, but it's fine if they’re both 

Stephanie and Kyle met at Kung Fu Tea. 

Kyle: We went to Kung Fu Tea this past Tuesday. I figured a lot of people would go somewhere like Starbucks or Bodo’s and I wanted to do something different. I asked her if she liked bubble tea and she said that she did, so I was like, ‘Well, how about we go to Kung Fu Tea?’ because I also really like bubble tea. 

Stephanie: We just wanted something casual, and I’m a little bit on a budget, so I didn’t want to do something super expensive. We both like bubble tea, so we were like, ‘Perfect place to go get something to eat after class.’

Kyle: We texted a little bit before hand but really other than just introducing ourselves over text I really didn’t have any expectations going in.

Stephanie: I didn’t have a whole lot of expectations just because we’re fourth years and graduating soon, so [I was just hoping for] some sort of nice, casual conversation and that’s what it was. 

Kyle: She actually got there before me, so I got there and I texted her and I was like, ‘I just got here,’ and I saw that there was a girl sitting there and she was like, ‘Oh, are you Kyle?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah.’

Stephanie: I got there a little bit before he did so there was a period of time where we were awkwardly like, ‘Is this you at the door? Is this you at the table?’

Kyle: I wouldn’t really say that it was awkward or anything — there were really no long gaps in the conversation.

Stephanie: It was a little awkward, like any kind of blind first date, even if it’s not a blind date, but I was pretty chill going into it. Not a lot of awkwardness outside of the whole, ‘Is this who you are?’

Kyle: I felt like it was a really good conversation. 

Stephanie: We both got our tea, and we just talked for an hour. We talked about traveling, we talked about our interests and plans for after graduation. It was just kind of a very chill, communicating-type date.

Kyle: We started out with just kind of basic introductions. We talked a little bit about ourselves and our interests. We ended up finding out that we’re both really interested in traveling, so we talked a lot about different places that we’ve been. She mentioned that she was a French major, so she talked a lot about her experience in France and also traveling around Morocco. I told her some travel stories. 

Stephanie: I thought it was really cool because we’ve both spent a lot of time traveling so it was cool to talk about the sights that aren’t super common. He’s been to Azerbaijan and I’ve been to Morocco, so it was cool to talk about those places that aren’t the typical [travel destinations] like London for two weeks or France for two weeks. He was very open-minded to travel. We were both the sort of people who are like, ‘When you go to a new place you have to do the new experiences,’ so that was super cool to find somebody who did not think I was weird for wanting to solo travel and go to weird places.

Kyle: Then we talked a little bit about just being fourth years, and what we’re going to do next year about internships and that sort of thing. She seemed very passionate about her [math and French] majors, which was something interesting because sometimes people are just kind of so-so, but she definitely seemed to be very interested and wanted to talk about what she likes doing.

Stephanie: We were there for about an hour, I had to go and meet some friends afterwards so it was a good ending.

Kyle: I didn’t feel any sort of romantic connection, but I would definitely hang out with her again. She seemed like a really interesting person.

Stephanie: I’d hang out as friends again. I think some of my roommates know him which is interesting. I’d be down to hang out again.

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