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Mia Tan

Students may have initially gone to the naked party for the thrill of it, but many return each semester for its encouragement of body positivity. 

The naked party uncovered

The naked party, founded by fourth-year Architecture student Wells Woolcott, is the first of its kind at the University in recent memory. 

Announced monthly through Ryan’s Instagram account, open houses at Carr’s Hill welcome all University students to the doors.

The president’s home is an oasis for all U.Va. students

Announced monthly through President Ryan’s Instagram account, Open Carr’s Hill welcomes all University students to its doors. For two to three hours, students may visit the house between classes and use the first floor as they please.

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With University students’ constant need for grilled food and late-night sweet treats, the restaurant will continue to be a staple of the Corner. 
The Cyr wheel is relatively unknown outside the circus sphere, but this fact doesn’t seem to bother Pinto, who performs with or without the presence of an audience. 

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