Top 10 places to study for midterms that are not libraries

Sometimes libraries are too stressful and packed during midterm season, so check out these places to get some work done


Newcomb Hall has comfortable seating on almost every floor, including armchairs and couches. 

Rachel Crawford | Cavalier Daily

1. 1515

It took me  a good while to find this cool study space. Located on the Corner, there are three floors of study spaces, including study rooms and a game room. It also includes Crumbs on the Corner, a cafe that takes meal exchange and plus dollars. It’s open until 1:30 a.m. every day, so you don’t have to worry about it closing too early for your study habits. 

2. Student Centers

With the relocation of the Multicultural Student Center and the LGBTQ Center, along with the opening of the new LatinX and Interfaith centers, there are inclusive spaces for everyone to use. As a plus, all of these centers offer free printing from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Whether you are working with others or studying alone, these centers provide a welcoming place to prepare for midterms. 

3. Newcomb Hall 

Who doesn’t love a good couch? Newcomb Hall has comfortable seating on almost every floor, including armchairs and couches. Located within the building are Pavillion IX and Fresh Food Company, so you can take a quick snack break without leaving Newcomb Hall. And, if you stop into the dining hall, there is a chance you will run into Ms. Kathy, who will immediately brighten your day. 

4. Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall is located right off the Lawn and on Jefferson Park Avenue, making it accessible to almost everyone. On the first floor of Wilson Hall is a lobby with various types of seating. Just one floor up is a small space with booths and tables for some solo studying. This is perfect if you want to be productive between classes. 

5. Rotunda Courtyard

Hopefully, Charlottesville weather will start warming up so you can spend some time in the sun. On either side of the Rotunda are two courtyards with benches and tables to sit. I personally enjoy the east courtyard, as the benches are right near various plants and trees that make the space feel more refreshing. If you find yourself going stir-crazy and need some fresh air, take your work outside to the most famous building on Grounds. 

6. Sheetz

I know most people think of coffee shops as the best type of food establishment to study in, but Sheetz is where it’s at. It has all the snacks you would ever need, it’s open 24 hours a day and it’s basically in a different dimension where time does not exist. When you are pulling an all-nighter, it’s nice to be in a place where caffeinated, sugary drinks are widely available and no one is there to judge you. 

7. Monroe Hall inner courtyard
It took me a long time to find out that this place actually existed. In the center of Monroe Hall is a courtyard completely surrounded by the rest of the building. With seating and lush greenery, this is the perfect place to study on nice days. If you need a little bit of sunshine in your study schedule, check out this awesome spot. 

8. Ruffner Hall

I guess any place with couches is the perfect study place for me. While this building is not open on the weekends, its location and plethora of comfortable seating make it desirable if you wish to study between classes. The first floor has various couches and a student lounge to make your experience more comfortable. And it is near the Castle, so you can take a quick break for paninis and time with the Bonnycastle cat

9. South Lawn Commons

Right across from New Cabell Hall and on Jefferson Park Avenue, the South Lawn area features an outdoor plaza and Nau Hall, which has plenty of places to sit and a Starbucks. The inside of Nau features large windows that allow natural light to come in, making the space feel more open and less stuffy. If you are looking for a place to study during the day where you can see outside, this is perfect for you. 

10. McIntire Amphitheater

While this place is more well-known, it’s for a good reason. During the warmer months, it is hard to sit there for more than thirty minutes without getting overwhelmed with heat. But now that winter is slowly drifting away, and spring weather is creeping in, you can bask in the sun without getting burned. It is right next to amazing food trucks that are parked on Grounds and has an amazing view of the surrounding buildings. With many students hanging out there after getting food, the space is perfect if being around others helps motivate you. 

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