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EDITORIAL: The Cavalier Daily endorses Dr. Cameron Webb for Congress

This election is a race between meaningful progress and hateful, misinformed narratives — our choice was clear

<p>It is clear that Webb understands the issues that are most pressing to Charlottesville residents.</p>

It is clear that Webb understands the issues that are most pressing to Charlottesville residents.


In the midst of the upcoming presidential election, Virginia’s 5th District faces a choice for its representation in Congress — the election between Dr. Cameron Webb and Bob Good. After analyzing both of the candidates’ platforms and policies, The Cavalier Daily’s Editorial Board endorses Dr. Cameron Webb for Congress. 

Looking forward, this congressional election will be one of the closest in the nation, and voting for Webb is critical for progress in our district. The Republican Party has controlled the district for the past decade now. However, recent polling data shows potential for a Democratic flip. With this prospect on the horizon, voter turnout is key to Webb’s election. 

Webb’s campaign missions demonstrate a commitment to equity and justice. It is clear that Webb understands the issues that are most pressing to Charlottesville residents. His commitment to providing affordable housing, addressing redlining issues and raising the minimum wage demonstrate a clear understanding of what Charlottesville — and the district as a whole — needs right now. 

Specifically for University students, Webb holds a firm belief in “[streamlining] the FAFSA process so that it works for more people, [maximizing] the value of the Federal Pell Grant program and [leveraging] loan forgiveness programs to make school more affordable.” At a University that ranks poorly in terms of social mobility, these initiatives would work to make our education more accessible for a wider and more diverse group of students. 

Bob Good, alternatively, would not work for a diverse and thriving community like Charlottesville. His homophobic beliefs, pledge to disregard the separation of church and state, and ties to racism — among countless other problematic stances — would actively harm our Charlottesville community. Good has run on a platform of hateful rhetoric, consistently attacking the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, his desire to strip undocumented students of in-state tution and his anti-abortion attitudes represent further attempts to directly harm countless members of our community. By and large, Good’s campaign has made it clear that exclusivity and regression are at the forefront of his politics. This election goes beyond policy — it’s a referendum on basic human decency.

Recent polling shows that Virginia’s 5th District race could easily go either way, with Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball referring to it as a “toss up.” As such, the results will depend on voter turnout. This is a close race, but Webb is a competitive candidate with promising ideas. Our community depends on your vote.

For information on how to vote and to check your polling place, The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board compiled a list of resources available here.

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